In 1970, a man is tortured and murdered by the regime's secret police. Now nearly 40 years later, his friend, who had also been tortured, recognizes the man he deems responsible for the murder of his friend. Along with three old friends and the victim's daughter, they kidnap the man and take him to an isolated house. Once there, the concepts of justice and revenge begin to mix dangerously in a private trial with irreversible consequences.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Julgamento 2007 full movies, Julgamento torrents movie

In 1970, a man is tortured and murdered by the regime's secret police. Now nearly 40 years later, his friend, who had also been tortured, recognizes the man he deems responsible for the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Julgamento torrent reviews

Paul D (de) wrote: A comedy about unfunny comedians, which is sadly ironic for this film.

Veronica C (gb) wrote: Great Movie!! I absolutely loved it...it kept me entertain the whole time. it was interesting somthing different. The story was Creative and unique. Love the actors i applaud them for there work! :)

Sophia Q (kr) wrote: I had this set as "want to see" for a year and a half now, when I had already seen it. This movie was definitely slow, no doubt about that. But more important was the message that it sent out - nobody is perfect, not even those that we put on a pedestal and think to be so. I loved seeing a more gray aspect of Gandhi's life, that being his relationship with his son. While Darshan Jhariwala does a great job as Gandhi, Shefali holds her own in her role and the supporting cast is good, the real star of the film is Akshaye Khanna, who is absolutely brillilant as Harilal Gandhi. I was so proud of how well he acted - and so upset that such a great film didn't do well at the box office.

Jenny V (ag) wrote: When I heard that Shahid and Kareena were together once again, I kind of got excited. But then I saw this movie and thought wait did this come out like 10 yrs ago? Because the acting was so cheesy and the plot was so 90s. I have no idea what the point of this movie was. Literally IT WENT NO WHERE!

Steve D (kr) wrote: a very funny movie that came before its time. The actors all do a great job, I just wish they had just a fraction of the fun making the film that I have watching it. Their disinterest is obvious even if it is fun watching them.

Private U (kr) wrote: the story of the confederate concentration camp whose director was the only person in teh entire Civil War to be convicted of war crimes. Andersonville was almost as inhumane as Auschwitz!

Alex W (gb) wrote: This movie doesn't quite know what it is but lucky that does not damn it to being bad. A decent forgotten sci-fi flick that has many similarities with other films from the 90's. I kinda liked Liotta has a menacing bad ass even though i didn't want to believe it at first.

Viet Phuong N (au) wrote: A strange film, even by Marc Caro/Jean-Pierrre Jeunet's standard, or simply put, a French "Terry Gilliam's Brazil" without the political/philosophical implication. If its successor "Amlie" can be considered a bizarrely beautiful film, this film can be considered a beautifully bizarre film with a very different tone and setting (steampunk post-apocalyptic background with a deadly flavor of hopelessness vs. Amlie's pinky Parisian setting with the warm fragrance of up-beating love. It's a little bit pity that the directors, despite including many brilliant symbolic values to the film, seemingly focused more on depicting the strangeness of the setting and characters than putting more (existentialist, maybe) weight on the characters themselves. Thus, the film can easily attract the audience with its charm and peculiarity but may never force them to think deeper afterwards. Still, this is a very fun film to watch (strangely enough, given the all-over depressed tone of the film) and it's even more interesting to observe Jean-Pierre Jeunet shifting from total peculiarity in "Delicatessen" through charming bizarreness in "Amlie" to surprising "ordinariness" in "A Very Long Engagement" (still, I absolutely love "A Very Long Engagement", even in comparison with "Amlie" - sometimes an "ordinary" film is somehow easier to feel, and to cherish, than a peculiar one).

Maximus D (es) wrote: This sequel was rushed and not very well planned. The plot was confusing and it was hard to take anything seriously due to the overuse of the jokes and punchlines. The worst in the series.

Scott C (gb) wrote: I can't remember this at all.

Rendan L (ru) wrote: It's story is messy and uneven but the Coen brothers direction, cinematography, and finely tuned dialogue makes up for this. Grade: B-