Julia's Eyes

Julia's Eyes

The story of a woman who is slowly losing her sight whilst trying to investigate the mysterious death of her twin sister.

The story of a woman who is slowly losing her sight whilst trying to investigate the mysterious death of her twin sister. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Courtney K (jp) wrote: i knew the beginning of this one -- i must have started to watch this and then lost the interest to read subtitles and stopped. i do that sometimes; i thought this title seemed familiar. i watched the whole thing this time though -- very much loved the ending. and i'm talking the last, like, 2 minutes. literally: the ending. the rest of it was just okay; more creepy notions than scary -- you pretty much know what happened right away so there's nothing to guess as far as plot goes... you just kinda have to watch it do it's thing and then they pull a quick stunt at the end and that's about it.

Jiana W (us) wrote: I agree with another reviewer: for a direct-to-DVD film, this really isn't half-bad. As can be expected, the surf footage is awesome and fun to watch. The lifestyle presented here is irresistible and endearing. The movie does have a rough start with the predictable teen-parent melodrama that sets off our protagonist, Dana ("You don't know who I am!" "You need to go to college and be normal!" "But that's not me! I'm wild and free!"-- you know what I'm talking about.) And of course, there is the obligatory resident butt-hole, Tara, who hates Dana and everyone for no real reason other than that's what her character is supposed to do to create conflict. When it comes to movies like this I try not to think too hard about stuff but I can't resist this time. Given the tight-knit, cuddly/hippie environment that the surfers inhabit, I find it difficult to imagine that someone with Tara's personality would be able to live seamlessly among them and thrive and be welcome. She's a troublemaker, she's already made an enemy out of Pushy by screwing her out of a position on the Roxy surfing team, etc. In other words, she's basically the exact opposite of everybody else. She doesn't fit in with the "family dynamic"... so WHY is she there? Why do they continue to let someone like her live with them? Honestly, this is never really established or explained. I guess the film needs a clear antagonist to completely work. *shrugs* I kind of maybe liked this sequel better than the first. Yeah, there's some predictable moments (Dana's issues with her dad, her rivalry with Tara, her domination of Jeffrey's Bay waves, Pushy's competition win) but I really felt there was more of a surfer movie vibe to this one as compared to the original. I felt like there was way more surf action. It isn't totally bogged down by an uninteresting romance with a uninteresting guy, like in the first one. There's romance here, of course, but it's more engaging and cute. We're more free to just watch a bunch of people surf and have fun in a gorgeous locale. So in that sense, I think Blue Crush 2 beats its predecessor.

Christopher G (ca) wrote: Most movies nowadays rely on sex and, now redundant, over-the-top special effects, but I found that "Oz the Great and Powerful" did not suffer from these traits - It seems that the critics help drive this absurdity. I assumed that this new film would disgrace the original movie, but was pleasantly surprised. I also liked that some of the simple features from "The Wizard of Oz" were retained, like the black smoke emitted from the witches flying broom.

Michelle T (au) wrote: Falls more into the 'dramedy' category. Not at all like the zany comedy the slogan "A Comedy About Good Times and Grand Theft" makes it appear. The main cast is incredibly charming in turn making this movie incredibly heartwarming. The story takes a very dramatic turn towards the middle of the movie - but it is an excellent story nonetheless. I found myself bawling at the very end! One of my favorite movies now!

Jenna B (jp) wrote: Essentially a rip off version of Wild Child. It's so so terrible.

Kyria A (ca) wrote: Words cannot describe my happiness at knowing a movie like this exists in the world. Two days after seeing it, I'm still fixated on its brilliance. It's only running for one week at the IFC center, so please go support this amazing work!

Canem C (jp) wrote: Rodrigo Santoro e muito bem!!! music is good, plot is nice, real, touching...coincidence and destiny; how bad things can lead to nice things...there is a way into the light through the dark...

Karina T (es) wrote: first gaspard movie and loved it.

Colin C (ru) wrote: A odd piece of wonderful film

Ryan L (ag) wrote: Danny Boyle is easily one of my favorite directors. His style is so unique that only he can pull it off. but sometimes, style can be overdone.In Sunshine the sun is dying and earth is becoming a dark and cold place. so a group of astronauts is sent to reignite the sun with a huge explosion, which is based completely on theory, none of the astronauts know if it will work. sounds like a science fiction classic right? well it has shades of a classic. the acting overall os very good. Cillian Murphy steals the show, he is phenomenal in this movie and he disappears into his role. Chris Evans is good but not great and so is the rest of the cast. the visuals are gorgeous as well. No Danny Boyle movie has ever looked bad. but his style does hit yiu over the head slightly too much in this movie, especially towards the end. I still believe it is directed very well, but some of the more psychedelic shots near the end kind of bothered me, but not to were I hated it. The suspense is very good, which is suprising as you really only care for Cillian Murphys character. the rest of the characters felt expendable and I felt little attachment. and I blame the script for this. it had many great ideas, but it forgot about the character depth. I did really enjoy the ending. I thought it was handled very well, and the last shot gave me a good sense of closure. overall I really enjoyed this movie. way better than a lot of the sci-fi garbage that comes out now. check it out if like you Science fiction and Danny Boyle. 7.4/10

Claudia C (ca) wrote: i love car movies.. and this one looks really cool, the cars and everything!! also i think the main character is a girl!! and why do good cars have to die?????

Dylan W (gb) wrote: The tone is a little less serious, shown with the action and dialogue. That's not bad because the action is better in the 1st, but the 2nd is funnier. Leo is a Great addition to the cast. Extremely well place foreshadowing. The police family we see a little bit more of. The tension with the villains is very well-built. Not to forget one of the very best action one liners in history at the end. Overall close to the 1st film but not better.

Allan C (jp) wrote: Charming little comedy is director Peter Bogdanovich's love letter to the classic screwball comedies of the past (Hawks, Sturges, Wilder, etc...). Many great performances, but John Ritter really stands out. What an underrated actor.

John M (de) wrote: Abel Ferrara's The Driller Killer has been called the slasher movie equivalent of Taxi Driver, which is sort of fitting. It's certainly not on the same level as Taxi Driver (it's an ultra-low budget grindhouse pic from a director whose only previous experience is a porno), but in it's own way, it stands out. The plot: Struggling artist Reno Miller (Ferrara himself, under the pseudonym Jimmy Laine) tries to create his masterpiece, when a punk-rock band moves into the apartment next door. The band practices at all hours of the night, depriving Reno of sleep. Being driven to the brink of madness, Reno begins to murder homeless people with a power drill. The movie, despite it's slasher movie title and some memorable death scenes, ends up being more of a character study than a straight-up slasher. Reno is in pretty much every scene, and Ferrara does a hell of a job putting you into this characters state-of-mind. Scenes such as one involving a skinned rabbit and a disgusting scene of Reno eating pizza stand out in particular. The film definitely fits into the "sleazy exploitation" genre that was in it's heyday at the time, but it's also a character study, a gritty look at the underside of the New York City circa 1979, and an interesting window into the New York punk scene of the time. It's a dark movie that some might find disturbing, but it's certainly worth a look for those interested in gritty indie filmmaking, exploitation movies, or dark urban character studies (such as Maniac or Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Fun facts - Abel Ferrara claims in his commentary track the a homeless man cleaning a taxi windshield near the beginning of the film is actually a pre-fame Bruce Willis. Ferrara sounds drunk or high during the track (he usually does), but you never get a good look at the bums face, so who knows? The film is generally considered to be the film that inspired the "video nasties," a list of horror films that were banned in the UK in the 1980's. The reason the film was banned was actually because of its graphic cover, showing a man being drilled in the head. The Driller Killer is in the public domain and can be watched legally for free on YouTube.

Franc M (mx) wrote: I'm still smiling with the delightful 'suitor' (Pierre Etaix) What a universe to immerse oneself! though it may bring Jacques Tati to mind, the laws here are very different, it's not about naivety or Chaplinesque poignancy, the character is obsessive, obstinate and uninformed to the point of tragic sweetness. In the best tradition of the finest slapstick comedy, a very personal point of view. All in all an unforgettable masterpiece, a pristine restoration, and to my disbelief with just one review in Rotten Tomatoes... Where are the Cinema lovers, the historians of cinema, the critics, the restless movie goers? This is a Jewell in all its splendor, and the impeccable restoration made by the Criterion Collection something that should've been celebrated as an important cinematic event... (????)

Joshua L (kr) wrote: This movie fuckin jokes thanks to Roth's performance. The 3rd segment is easily the best doh!