A terrified stewardess is stalked by her psychotic estranged husband.

A terrified wife tries to escape from her insanely jealous husband who is bent on killing her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie C (us) wrote: The only reason I wanted to watch this was because I love Seth Rogan, But don't expect it to be a regular Rogan film because you will be very dissapointed, It's a cute movie that has very few laughs but grows on you, Seth and Barbra play their parts well and gel almost instantly, It's a comedy you could watch with your mum just don't expect allot of laughs, It's as good as it was ever going to be with some harmless fun to be had.

Caleb M (us) wrote: Exactly the kind of home-grown documentary we need more of, Beer Wars is fast, fun, and informative. It's not quite as maddening as similar docs on Marijuana (GRASS, THE UNION) but it's just as interesting to see these small independent and microbreweries go up against the bug guys, and stand something of a chance. I know I won't be voting for Anheuser-Busch or Miller/Coors with my dollar.

Ben C (de) wrote: Atrocious acting by Sasha Grey, but utterly some of the best camera work I have seen in a Soderbergh film yet. The Girlfriend Experience is aimed in the wrong direction by a overdose of dialogue and an undertone of characterization. Not everyone can be an actor/ actress, Mr. Soderbergh. So, why make Sasha Grey one? You had the right idea with Gina Carano, but a real life porn star? I didn't feel any emotions towards the main character nor did I care what she did with her life with these men. But, I got to give props to Steven, the only reason I gave this a higher grade than I should have.

Seretse C (de) wrote: Hated the damn ending

Ryan A (au) wrote: 1/2016 with Kel at home.Decent sorry, but not that suspenseful. Interesting, but...

Brad W (br) wrote: It wasn't as bad as was I thought it would be. They tried too much to get away from Pfieffer's Catwoman and ultimately was the reason this was bad.

Tj D (jp) wrote: One of my wife & I favorite movies of all time.

Matt R (au) wrote: Good for some cheap, low-brow laughs.

Guido S (mx) wrote: "I'm lost doctor" "join the club" terrible acting from the lead actress. she should carry the film, but her performance is so off I just couldn't get into this.

Jackie B (it) wrote: Ohhhh....I think I'll stick with the classic one.

Denise A (mx) wrote: Loved this film as a kid!

Simon T (ca) wrote: This film has its charms but overall it's a messy attempt at sci fi noir, set in a half-hearted dystopia that has nothing to do with the plot whatsoever. Everything about this film - its setting, its characters, their actions, the plot and the dialogue - are unconvincing, and within the first sixty minutes I'd already given up caring about who did what for or to whom.

Maria V (ru) wrote: Um filme considerado "kitsch" para alguns, da poca de Top Gun, Oficial e Cavalheiro e Dirty Dancing, que junta o crime ao romance, mas a mistura no me convenceu. Um remake de Out of the Past considerado um dos melhores filmes "negros" de sempre (este fiquei curiosa para ver, um clssico de 1947).

Eric P (es) wrote: An excellent script turns this linear plot into something great and memorable.

Laura S (es) wrote: This in my top 10 worst movies of all time. I couldn't finish watching it halfway through. I am at a complete loss how this gets such high ratings.

William M (ca) wrote: The best movie of the franchise to date by far!!!!!

Fabricio O (us) wrote: one of my favorites!