Julie is an anglo-Indian girl with a loving, but alcoholic father and a domineering mother, a younger brother and sister. She falls in love with her best friend's brother Shashi Bhattacharya, a Hindu boy, and she has a passionate encounter with him, which leaves her pregnant. He goes away to college, not knowing about her condition. Her mother is distraught when Julie tells her about the pregnancy. They don't tell the rest of the family. Her mother thinks about getting Julie an abortion, but a devout Christian talks her out of it. Julie is sent away to have her baby in secret. The rest of the family is told that Julie got a job. When she comes back home, she runs into her Hindu boyfriend and tells him everything. He agrees to marry her, but his mother objects to the mixed marriage, not knowing about the baby born in secret. Julie's mother doesn't want the marriage either, as she and the rest of the family want to go to England

Julie is an anglo-Indian girl with a loving, but alcoholic father and a domineering mother, a younger brother and sister. She falls in love with her best friend's brother Shashi ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leonard D (gb) wrote: Beautiful people in a world where time is money. Just absurd!

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Manal S (ag) wrote: Usually I'm not into romantic comedies (not to mention futuristic romantic comedies!), but Timer can comfortably be the exception to my rule.The movie poses a silly, yet a deeply philosophical assumption.. what if you can tell exactly who your soul-mate is and when you're going to meet him/her. It's a romantic variation of the never-ending existential argument 'What if you know the future? Would it make you any happier?'The movie was funny, no doubt about it! But what I really liked is the film's foot-on-the-ground development of events and ending. This doesn't mean that the story is entirely realistic, but at least it didn't have the usual fairy-tale, happily-ever-after kind of development. The story starts with a lot of questions and leaves you struggling with even more.Timer is not another chick flick. I guarantee that.

Ben A (mx) wrote: Nice story plot though the first one was better.I love the ocean which the movie has brought out the beauty of the mysterious sea. Not bad at all.

House M (de) wrote: Very smart thriller with a very powerful underlying message about society and media. This is pure action from the first to the last scene, no interruptions. A should see if you are into fresh experiences.

John T (es) wrote: I liked this if not just for Matt Dillion and the great scenery (Cambodia).

Eva P (br) wrote: have yet to find english subtitles Spanish subtitles did not do justice

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Sidhartha D (it) wrote: Intense..And no surprise it wasn't received well at it's inception..

Peter F (ca) wrote: Besides a really aggravating ending, The Woman in the Window is a legit noir from master Fritz Lang. His subsequent picture, Scarlet Street, was superior in every way, however.

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