Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson

A New Jersey housewife is dissatisfied with her everyday life because she is smarter than she or anyone else knows. While taking a computer class, Julie discovers her abilities and finds the courage to make dramatic life changes. This is a story of realizing one's potential and being willing to turn one's life upside down to take a chance on finding happiness. Claire, Julie's best friend, goes along with Julie's secret quest and eventually moves in with her. Both women are on a search to realize their dreams and come to terms with their love for each other.

A woman attempts to realize the dreams she never knew she had. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William C (fr) wrote: Ilo Ilo is a movie from Singapore which see's a families problems combined with a new maid for the family caught in the mess but also trying her best to be good at her new job. Throughout this movie we see glimpse of true emotion, the kind that only a real life situation can bring out in people, this does feel a little too real as if they forgot to make it a movie sometimes but all in all it is sweet and the end I feel finishes off nicely and in a way that suits it best.Anthony Chen kicks off his career in feature films writing and directing this and shows some promise, sure it's the kind of promise you may only see at international film festivals(if you don't live in Singapore that is) but I think his crafting of this movie is alright, not top notch but I appreciate it slightly. The film can feel like award fodder at some moments if not the whole thing and as I said before feels too real, movies are not meant to be so much like real life that it just feels like a camera following everyday events like cleaning the house, Chen does well to shift that feeling away but the film can still feel kind of too dull at times. I wasn't so keen as well on the camera's, a lot of shaky cam that although makes it feel slightly more real makes the scene just not work for me. Koh Jia Ler portrays the instantly unlikeable child Jiale whose insufferable misdemeanour's makes him very annoying to not only watch but even when at times when he is not messing around, you still don't like his character. Yeo Yann Yann as the mother of Jiale is OK and although her character can also be at times very annoying, she manages to do it in a way which carries Chen's message that she is strong but also at times can be very weak minded and easily offended. I found if any slight part of this movie provides comedy relief then Chen Tian Wen as Jiale's father is kind of funny, I mean this is by no means a comedy but he makes some scenes kind of odd in a fun way. Terry is the maid and really the star of this movie, through her eyes we see what she goes through and she is treat rather basically but she does not care, Jiale is not behaving well but you just know she has it in her to finally control him and get him to shut up. If you want a deep meaning and interesting story this is nearly that, it seeks to make you feel something for the people involved but ends up not really doing that, although Angeli Bayani who plays Terry tries hard. I'm not saying Chen has made a bad piece here, I can see why this won awards and although I don't know if I would agree with them, this certainly contains moments which I know for some could be very meaningful and reflect not only the culture of family life in Singapore, but also what family is and what it means to us all worldwide as well.

Nick Y (ca) wrote: The movie reminded me of an Asian version of Ocean's Eleven..... with a thousand double-crosses and other shit. BEAUTIFUL Korean girls. Kim Hye-Soo is goregeous and her body is amazing for a 40yr old. Gianna Jun (I forget her actual korean name) is so pretty. Was pretty cool to have Chinese actors + Korean actors in one movie. Thought it was meh that they all died though. Also... where the fuck did Derek Tsang disappear to? They didn't show him get killed... but just ran away. So was he the only one of the "Chinese group" of thieves that survived and decided to run? Oh Dal-Su was part of the "Chinese group" as well (playing a Korean-Chinese person) and he survived and joined the "Korean group". Guess they wanted the remaining ones to all be 100% Korean. Kim Yun-Seok and Oh Dal-Su... both have pretty good Mandarin. Even if it was a bit off, they could've passed for Mainlanders. Even appearance-wise. That's what I thought Oh Dal-Su was to begin with. Plot was pretty good. Was clever. One thing that does get annoying though is how many double crosses and mini plans there are. Kinda get confused especially how everything was subtitled. It was okay for the Chinese portion (since I'm Chinese).

Heather M (it) wrote: I will not be watching this.

Anthony I (ca) wrote: This one is excruciatingly bad. What on earth was Ron Howard thinking? It doest work on any level. Not as a comedy, or thriller, or drama.

Chris M (kr) wrote: Very odd but somewhat interesting movie. Good acting on the part of the actors including Feore. The chatter was a bit distracting and the repetition was a bit much.

D M (kr) wrote: By-the-numbers comedy. Should have been made PG to appeal to a younger audience because it sure didnt appeal to me. I guess I have seen too many movies to accept something so cookie cutter-ish. And with Ian Roberts, David Koechner, Beth Littleford, Matt Walsh, Stephen Root and others making appearances you would think I would have something nicer to say about this.

Sana A (de) wrote: wuz OK...kareena didnt relly hav a part for lyke half of da movie

jake w (es) wrote: not enough of a story. could of been more in depth.

George B (fr) wrote: The movie seems to have a higher budget than the other sequels and much better acting. I really like how they brought back the original actors from the first film. The plot seems very slow throughout most and I felt like I was just watching a boy being tortured the whole time. The ending wasn't very shocking.

Jennie R (au) wrote: Didn't hate it but certainly didn't love it. It was a strange film. Couldn't tell if it was meant to be a comedy or a dramedy. It was a really long film with really no point. If you are a Christina Ricci fan, you will enjoy this. She did a great job with the part she had. Other than that, not worth the time.

Alex K (au) wrote: Jeffrey Westhoff Gave This Film 1.5 Star.


Melissa N (kr) wrote: This movie might be one of the worst movies i have seen but love it for its theme and hilarious lines

Brandon S (ru) wrote: Even though I found myself very confused and disjointed at times during this movie, Washington's magnificent timing, and realistic interaction with his surroundings had me engrossed the whole way through. The plot is a head scratcher but still entertaining, the acting is solid on almost all counts, the action is good, the directing is respectable, and Scott's signature hyperkinetic cinematography is gorgeous. My only complaint is the humor from Adam Goldberg, it feels displaced and a little forced at times, but overall its a really sound and enjoyable thriller!

Jason M (fr) wrote: Overlooked family drama from down under.

Areeque T (kr) wrote: Does its job of scaring you. Explains things away too neatly by the end. But a good ride till then.