Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

The assassination of the would be ruler of Rome at the hands of Brutus and company has tragic consequences for the idealist and the republic.

The assassination of the would be ruler of Rome at the hands of Brutus and company has tragic consequences for the idealist and the republic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake E (kr) wrote: Great action sequences and end fight was good

Bethany W (ag) wrote: Well the movie info is incorrect...it's a great Halloween chiller but not a slasher film with Danielke Harris! I've heard this anthology was created when two of the dudes short online films were thrown together plus the silly alien one and a wrap around story, which is decent. The wraparound story actors are by far the best in the whole film, and like one reviewer said it does have an eighties flavor to it. Not sure why I like this film so much, I guess part of it is my love of anthologies, but not all of those are great(George Romeros Deadtime stories for example). So give it a chance and if one story doesn't grab you skip to the next!

Amit V (mx) wrote: very very good comedy

Ted W (mx) wrote: Another movie, terrible. Terrible

Casper A (de) wrote: I made it so I'm a bit partial. But I'm very happy with what we managed to create on a very limited budget thanks to a wonderful crew and amazing actors! Check it out!

Jobin B (mx) wrote: Awesome movie...Great music...subtle humor, perfect blend of emotions..loved it!

cody i (it) wrote: this man is a legend

Walt W (fr) wrote: My wife hated it, but I actually thought it was pretty inventive. Repetitive, but inventive.

Chris C (de) wrote: Calvaire is a Belgian horror flick directed by Fabrice Du Welz and starring Laurent Lucas (Marc Stevens) and Jackie Berroyer (Mr. Bartel). It's about this singer who becomes stranded in the Belgian backwoods and is given a room in an old inn by the retired comedian Mr. Bartel. Turns out Bartel's a loony who sees his estranged wife in Marc and the shit just hits the fan.The entire piece is visually haunting. I'm not sure how exactly the effect is achieved, but overall not one particular image sits with me but a conglomerate, all very disturbing. How is it that Welz can make a forest, or any scene for that matter, look so objectively horrifying? There's something so quiet and subtly disturbing about the way the scenery looks in this film. Welz has a talent for cinematography. He captures these scenes with natural lighting, objectively, and there's an undeniable richness in the simplicity. I find it baffling and very exciting. I actually plan to look into other works by Fabrice Du Welz in hopes that Calvaire was not a fluke. I hope I never see any woods or forests remotely resembling anything I've seen in Calvaire. The scenery just kept hitting me, and the few final shots of the film Creeped Me The Fuck Out. Never have I quite seen anything like those last few shots. Uniquely unsettling.Objectivism in Welz's directing style is deftly employed. The long shots, the slow creep of the camera or the disorienting, yet so very quiet, spin he uses in some of the more intense scenes. The camera does not comment on what is happening, only shows. One particularly interesting shot has the camera slowly and seamlessly pass through a glass window. So well done is it that I actually almost didn't recognize it for what it was. Welz's potential in his camera work and cinematography are truly promising and invigorating.What we have, apart from the visual and cinematic qualities, is a film which is also rich in subtext, allegory, themes and symbolism. My inclination has been to give a spoiler warning and engage in a lengthy analysis of some of the thematic elements but I would not be doing the project justice unless I devote ample time. It is a project I will in fact return to as I find Calvaire very stimulating. There is just so much to talk about in this film. Though admittedly as a critic I was not immediately impressed. After I began digging and thinking like an analyst, however, I found my respect for the film steadily growing. There is so much to read into, and you can tell Welz was aware of this. He works in so much subtlety and quiet symbolism throughout the film and I'm glad I stopped to consider some of the ideas I initially only touched upon in thought. Calvaire is thought provoking long after viewing and that is undeniably what good storytelling is all about.Plus there is one infamous bar scene that, if you haven't seen, you must.

Dann M (it) wrote: The angelic war continues in The Prophecy II, a daring supernatural thriller. In this chapter Gabriel is released from Hell and seeks to stop the angels from creating a nephilim; an angel/human hybrid that could potentially turn the tide of the war. The casting is quite good and includes Christopher Walken, Jennifer Beal, and Brittany Murphy. However, it's the chemistry between Walken and Murphy that steals the film; they make for a great duo and have extraordinary good interplay with each other. The story is a lot tighter and more focused than in the first film, making it a much more enjoyable watch. At its core The Prophecy II is a B-movie, but it's irresistibly entertaining and a lot of fun.

Dave N (nl) wrote: a particularly bland portrait of a black lower middle class family in the U.S. complete with melodramatic dialogue, embarrassing stereotypes, and plot-forcing cliches.

Dedmeet C (ca) wrote: Hilariously funny. Major Payne is by far Damon Wyans funniest character and his unique performance does this sadistic, paranoid character justice. I regard this movie as a future classic.

Scott C (mx) wrote: I can barely remember this. Might be good for an 80s nostalgia laugh.

Markku R (ca) wrote: Handsome film, but very vague.

Oliver K (br) wrote: Solid Miike featuring his standard idiosyncratic pacing

Henry D (ag) wrote: I loved this movie up until the final scene- but sometimes life is tragic.

Andres G (kr) wrote: Interesting adaptation of a theater play with a great cast for a choral movie. The script is not that interesting, from my POV, but this is a story for actors and the cast is great.

Tristan M (fr) wrote: A good personal story about a war that is happening on the other side of the world. Our main character is still however in the middle of it, as he pilots drones over enemy territory and blows up targets. He has to deal with his job of killing defenceless bad guys, but also innocents that he is ordered to ignor, and his life at home that is also falling apart. It's a good movie, with a great story and well developed and in depth characters. The pace is a little slow, but the story and characters along make up for it most of the time. The action isn't really true action, it's seen on a computer screen as villages in Afghanistan, with small bad guys waking around with guns. Often there are many inocents, and they all go up in a huge explosion as missiles from unseen drones hit their targets. That's the centre of the movie, the hitting of civilians, and obeying orders he doesn't want to that are simply wrong, yet going home to his family at the end of the day and act normal. It's a good watch, with more depth and story that what is expected and less action, so requires more attention.

Geophrey G (us) wrote: Not on the level of his other more recent films.

Jon P (mx) wrote: I never have liked Nicholas Cage in a role with a romantic involvement or interest, but as a thought-provoking sci-fi idea, the execution was excellent.