Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

All star cast heads up this 1970 remake of the William Shakespeare classic tale of the betrayal of the the Roman senate against their emperor, the plotting and scheming that led up to the assassination of the title charecter, and all of Romes' fickleness towards the events.

All star cast heads up this 1970 remake of the William Shakespeare classic tale of the betrayal of the the Roman senate against their emperor, the plotting and scheming that led up to the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Julius Caesar torrent reviews

Joseph S (de) wrote: Not bad but could have been much better! Perhaps the rumored reboot will be much better and live up to the comic's legacy!

Reg B (jp) wrote: Really bad After School Special that looks like it was funded by Pat Robertson.

Cheryl L (gb) wrote: Really great, feel good movie.

Matt W (au) wrote: Not nearly as bad as the reviews...Beau Bridges is terrible (or his script is) but Wahlberg and the epic Mila Kunis are entertaining...isn't that why we go to movies?

Noman S (es) wrote: It was like waiting for years till this piece of crap ended!

Konrad R (ag) wrote: I'm always surprised to see that this movie gets low grades from people. I think it keeps pretty good tension by setting stakes high and playing out some basic fears (protect your family at all costs). Cast is well selected too. I admit, not much is really original in this movie, it reminds me a bit of 'Kalifornia' or "Cape Fear", but it's still really enjoyable.

Matthew S (ag) wrote: A fantastic movie that I hadn't seen in years. I was immediately reminded of how relevant the story still is. Quiet moments are filled with universal emotions.

Ken S (au) wrote: While it's not great it is FILLED with nudity.

Kevin G (de) wrote: Ugh! I didn't care for this animated feature. It just isn't very good. The overall story is generic. Most of the humor isn't very funny and force fed to the audience. The songs are mostly forgettable. Also there are times when the animation of the mouths of the characters don't match up to the voices while the characters are singing. The only possible silver lining I can see with this film is the voice talent behind A FEW of the songs. However the rest of the voices range from average to just plain awful. The villains song at the beginning of the film was so bad that it was almost torture sitting through it. I caution everyone on this one as it may end up being a waste of your time. However it's worth mentioning that my wife liked this movie so my views may be among the minority here.

Matt B (ru) wrote: Malin Akerman is really funny as the crazy wife, but she alone can't save The Heartbreak Kid's forced raunchiness and Ben Stiller's bland performance.

Kayleah T (fr) wrote: "The Corpse Bride" is Tim Burton's twist on arranged marriage and the desire to marry for love, not obligation. Out of the selfish interests of their parents, it has been arranged for Victor and Victoria to wed. Both families think that by marrying into the other family, there will be financial benefits. While the children are against the arrangement at first, they grow to admire each other after meeting. Victor's nerves lead him to the woods to practice his vows before the big day. Mistaking a corpse's hand for a tree branch, Victor accidentally proposes to Emily. Murdered by Barkis Bittern and robbed of her possessions, after she had eloped with him against her parent's wishes, Emily was waiting in the underworld for her true love. Just as Victoria and Victor's parents, Barkis did not think one should marry for love- he was motivated by greed and now he was after Victoria. Emily fell for Victor, but he could not love her the same way because of their differences. For Victor to marry Emily, he would have to leave his family forever and join death in the underworld. By the end of the movie Emily lets Victor and Victoria marry because she realizes the love they have for one another.

Francisco L (nl) wrote: Maps to the stars is a morbid movie (in the good way), that suffers from a confusing plot with some inconsistencies, but that has some unexpected frighteningly funny moments, due to the great performances of the cast.

Taija H (jp) wrote: Mukaansatempaava, intensiivinen, romanttinen, hauska. Repiv. Monimutkainen. Supernyttelijill (Kim Basingerista Liam Neesoniin, Mila Kunisista Maria Belloon) thditetty, kolmessa suurkaupungissa (New York, Pariisi, Rooma) tapahtuva kolme erillist tarinaa, joissa kuitekin on outoja yhtymkohtia. Lopussa kaikki selvi. Vai selvik? Itse ainakin jouduin jlkeenpin lukemaan spoilerit IMDB:st ymmrtkseni mist tss loppujen lopulta oli kyse.Kauniit Euroopan kaupungit (tosin liikaa oltiin hotellihuoneissa) ja kauniit ihmiset, romantiikka, jnnitys, loppua kohden huipentuva ahdistus. Kyll tt mielelln katsoi. Tt miettiess menee viel varmaan piv tai pari. Ei mikn helposti pureskeltava.

Vadim D (au) wrote: Effectively combines war drama with a mystery for a unique look at pressures of combat and fates of veterans. Outside-the-box role for Meg Ryan, in both as a supporting player and a dramatic turn, works well in her favor. Denzel Washington is strong as usual. One of the earlier turns by Matt Damon gives a look into his promising career.