Il famoso direttore d'orchestra Victor fa ritorno a casa alla notizia della morte della madre. Il musicista è professionalmente impegnato con la elaborazione del "Christmas Oratorio" di ...

Il famoso direttore d'orchestra Victor fa ritorno a casa alla notizia della morte della madre. Il musicista è professionalmente impegnato con la elaborazione del "Christmas Oratorio" di ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erik B (au) wrote: The first one was much better than Happy Feet Two.


Johnathon W (it) wrote: Fun action film that shines mainly for it's cast & sharp writing. The actors all have fun in their roles, with Willis giving another solid action performance while Helen Mirren has a ball as a stone-cold British assassin. The scene stealer, though, is John Malkovich as their eccentric compatriot, who whether clutching a stuffed pig or craving pancakes, brings a smile with every moment. Behind the camera, director Robert Schwentke keeps the action running smoothly and writers Erich Hoeber's & Jon Hoeber's screenplay, while very distance from the original comic, delivers lots of fun moments & witty dialogue (the fact these killers are actually better with age is nicely referenced). Overall, a fun, dumb action film well worth viewing.

Winston H (gb) wrote: Nice attempt at a multi-strand, overlapping storyline, la Crash. Not over-the-top dramatic, no cheesy love stories, just simple stories from present-day Los Angeles, Hollywood-style.

Matt F (ru) wrote: A dumb, awful, obnoxious movie starring people who should know better. Offensive and crude and not even remotely funny. To call it toilet humor would be an insult to your crapper. Jarring editing, poor camera work and just plain embarrassing writing. Field of Screams is just plain embarrassing in GENERAL.

Russell H (br) wrote: Sam Jackson is funny as always. Special effects are awful. It kept me entertained though. Not bad.

Jerome C (de) wrote: Most stories are a little too classic to my taste. But still effective.And the end shows great potential for that neighborhood.Thank you Marion for telling me about that movie.

Jennifer M (it) wrote: Movies like this are hard to find. I liked the story and the tone of the story.

Janika Maria B (jp) wrote: This is the ultimate situation where you think the popular girls will get away with serious mistakes--Not even close.

Tony O (kr) wrote: Magnani is such a powerhouse, the movie seems to begin and end with her face, her big laughing mouth and her gesturing hands. Reminds me of growing up in my mother's hometown. A parable, and a tragedy.

Justin J (es) wrote: I remember nothing from this movie. I was confused and lost the whole time..

Ola G (au) wrote: One of the US Air Force's most modern tactical aircrafts, a F-100 with a new laser guidance system, crashes into the sea near Malta - a region where the Soviet forces are highly present. The CIA immediately sends out their best secret agent Ken Tani (Sh Kosugi), codenamed the "Black Eagle" to salvage the system before it falls into enemy hands. To ensure his loyalty, they bring his two young sons to a nearby hotel on the island. Together with his female CIA aide Patricia Parker (Doran Clark) Tani must find the tracking device, however Tani comes inevitably face to face in the process with an unknown skilled enemy in the form of a KGB team leader Andrei (Jean-Claude Van Damme)..."Black Eagle" is a classic martial arts B-Movie from the 80s with a wobbly script, wobbly acting and wobbly action sequences (and the action is not a plenty). Sh Kosugi nor Jean-Claude Van Damme is hardly the best of actors and the action from both is almost in the comic region. I reacted as well on the poor sound effects and poor effects in general. However, some things were ok. Like the cinematography at times, the beautiful setting of Malta and Doran Clarks participation in the movie. But, all in all this is a footnote in the martial arts genre.

Paul D (au) wrote: Inspirational and Inspiring!

Jeremy M (de) wrote: Favorite movie of all time