Jumbo, a young elephant, embarks on a journey to find his father

Jumbo, a young elephant, embarks on a journey to find his father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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dan u (au) wrote: I truly enjoyed this movie - great story!

ZeldaGiygasLord 6 (br) wrote: No. No, no, no, no, no. Everything about this movie is wrong. First: Robert Pattinson as Dali? Really? Secondly: This movie is based entirely around the idea that Dali was gay. Guess what? He wasn't. Anyone who knows the slightest thing about Dali can tell you that. It's pretty bad when you're basing a biographical drama on stuff that didn't happen. I'm all for historical fiction, but this is really pushing it.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Most of the jokes are too easy, but it builds to a frenetic, entertaining climax.

Carole T (jp) wrote: What a debut!!! Streisand is spectacular in this and Omar Sharif is dazzlingly charming. A great combination of talents.

Edgar C (br) wrote: Tobe Hooper is still being a moronic horror director since The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist, but he is still brutal and gory also. The plot is boring and typical, as well as the cliches, and the acting sucks, but some of the death scenes are fun and liked the concept used in a hotel for a horror movie, although I couldn't believe that the owners could be so fuc#!ng stupid. 36/100

Brandon B (de) wrote: A nice, old-school boxing movie.

Ricardo Alfredo E (it) wrote: Great misunderstood movie!! Hope to see the sequel one day!