David Rice is a man who knows no boundaries, a Jumper, born with the uncanny ability to teleport instantly to anywhere on Earth. When he discovers others like himself, David is thrust into a dangerous and bloodthirsty war while being hunted by a sinister and determined group of zealots who have sworn to destroy all Jumpers. Now, David’s extraordinary gift may be his only hope for survival!

David literally wills himself away from his grim family life by teleporting to another place with the power of his mind. One day, he suddenly finds himself in the middle of an ancient war between those like him and their sworn annihilators. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jumper torrent reviews

Juan S (mx) wrote: awesome DC movie it's worth watching

Gavin H (de) wrote: A modern take on Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid. I loved it!

Gav R (nl) wrote: the worst movie ever made, completely shite

Tamsin P (ca) wrote: Crude, inconsistent and not very memorable.

Stephen C (ru) wrote: The best part of the movie was that it was based on actual events. Fair to poor performances dragged the movie down, though.

Ben M (gb) wrote: Phenomenon came out in 1996. Which is a whopping 15 years ago. I first saw this film when I was 11. I thought it was so cool that Geogre Malley (John Travolta) could move things such as pencils and sunglasses with his mind and so wished I could do it.I watched it again today now at 26 years old The story is superb, and is without a doubt one of Travolta's best performances ever. Some may call this film a chick flick or a Sci fi drama. What ever you call it, it undoubtedly will have you asking questions, and defiantly pull at your heart strings. And even if u haven't seen it. Don't worry your only 15 years late. But I think it still holds up today. "It's is a classic of the 90's" 5 out 5.

Nonya B (ru) wrote: If you are looking for a film that is entertaining but, not terribly smart its an OK choice. Bridget Fonda isn't the greatest actress but, she does a fair job in this flick. Jennifer Jason Leigh doesn't have to work hard to be creepy and its not her first time as a psycho.

Bill M (br) wrote: R.I.P. Technicolor. Maybe someday we will see your revival.

Kurt A (br) wrote: It's a good time overall. I especially liked the jetpack scenes and the excessive use of Rube Goldberg devices.

livia s (ca) wrote: Its a delicate, naive and beautifull movie, where the fears and wills of a young boy and the characters that surround him create an atmosphere of doubts, mixed with music, popular tastes and sensuality. A movie about concern, squalor, poverty and dreams, where Kusturica starts to show his dash as an author.

Jim R (kr) wrote: I remember watching this stinker after reading the book. I went with my father-in-law and brother-oin-law who both read the book. I wanted to stand up at the end and scream, "It didn't end like that!" It was truly awful! Sahara was a much better translation from book to screen.

Slim t (jp) wrote: I didn't like it-another movie put on rotation to scare women on [i]Lifetime[/i].The premise could have been better,it's just really stupid and bland, the writing [i]really[/i] needed better care and work, i mean jeez! my [b][i]cat[/i][/b] could write better scenes! The casting is awful,don't even get me started.:rotten:

Matt H (ca) wrote: The movie is accurate to the book, but was the book even that good? I don't think so. The movie and book share flaws with bad luck from a bad person. Most of the movie is not enjoyable due to it being completely based on the book. It's fine to watch it a few times, but this movie is very forgettable.

Tom A (mx) wrote: Average comedy. Typical Scrooge-type story.

John S (gb) wrote: Childish; predictable and damaged by and unremeakable story-telling, so its talented cast is so invisiblle as its quality.