Jumping Ship

Jumping Ship

Joseph, Matthew and Andrew Lawrence (TV's Brotherly Love) star in this thrilling, action-packed sequel to the Disney Channel Original Movie Horse Sense. It's first-class adventure on the high seas for Michael Woods (Joseph Lawrence) and his cousin (Andrew Lawrence) when they charter a private yacht for a fun-filled cruise off the coast of Australia. But the yacht turns out to be a broken-down fishing boat complete with rusting hull! When they find themselves being chased by modern-day pirates, they decide that Jumping Ship with the boat's captain Jake Hunter (Matthew Lawrence) is the only option. Stranded on a desert island without any conveniences from home, these three castaways must work together as a team if they hope to survive and be rescued.

Jake Hunter and his young friend Tommy Biggs are invited to a luxury island resort for a vacation, and Jake gets the idea of hiring a boat to take them there so they can get some deep-sea fishing in along the way. But when modern-day pirates chase the fishing boat, the boys are forced to jump ship, leaving them stranded on a desert island with the boat's captain, Jake Hunter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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