Young, innocent, and quirky June (Felicia Day), a violinist, spends her days working in an oddball Venice coffee shop, her nights rehearsing for a professional music career, and all-hours daydreaming about the beautiful man that's destined just for her. When she actually meets him in her own apartment building, she finds out Jack (Chris Henry Coffey) is engaged to the quintessential gorgeous bitch, Quinn (Cindy Dolenc). The conflict ensues and the romance is tested. Whether it's indulging her loony Grandma (Ellen Geer) through rehearsals of her own funeral, or dealing with the overzealous video-store manager (Ted Michaels) and his crush, June stumbles through her potential love life, her best friend Mary at her side.

Young, innocent, and quirky June (Felicia Day), a violinist, spends her days working in an oddball Venice coffee shop, her nights rehearsing for a professional music career, and all-hours ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mini B (kr) wrote: Excellent movie. Dark but well written ad executed.

Beln A (kr) wrote: This is the first film directed by Ratanaruang that I have seen. The plot was good, but it wasnt well developed. This could have been a lot better, specially taking into account some twists in the story that had a lot of potential. Next time, maybe.

Aditi S (jp) wrote: Rajpal Yadav and Boman Irani seemed like born comedians in dis movie.... gr8 job by Amitabh and Shefali

Panta O (gb) wrote: This romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock, written and directed by Marc Lawrence, was watchable to degree which allowed me to appreciate the chemistry of the actors. It seems that for this movie response can be mixed, depending on how much do you like the actors. The film received a successful box office run globally, because it was an easy going and not very deep (I didn't want to use the word shallow), and somehow fits the most of the fantasies of the younger generations. The story is about Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock), a liberal lawyer who specializes in environmental law in New York City, and George Wade (Hugh Grant), an immature (and very ignorant) billionaire real estate tycoon who has almost everything. Lucy's hard work and devotion to others contrast sharply with George's world-weary recklessness and greed. When two of them meet it was Lucy's attempt to stop the destruction of the Coney Island community centre from her childhood. To do that she agrees to replace his old Chief Counsel, Amber, ignoring his playboy tendencies... but it doesn't go as planned! The film opened at No. 2 at the U.S. Box office, raking in USD$ 14,328,494 in its opening weekend, behind The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. It had a total domestic gross of $93,354,851 and an overall gross of $199,043,242. I bet Sandra Bullock as a producer was very happy! It is for the fans - and if you don't like the actors it could be annoying... if you like them, do not miss it. Nothing special in it, everything is pretty smooth in directing and in writing, and acting was very professional. That is all I can say.

Craig W (mx) wrote: There is another film based on Bundy, that film is much better than this. This had a fairly low budget and was often cheesy in parts especially the music. Nemec did quite well but the film was terribly inaccurate.

Joseph R (jp) wrote: "Wash your face you dirty savage!" Awesome.

Jon C (it) wrote: fun even though the clichs rear their ugly heads from start to finishJulia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas break all the rules and taboos in Brooklyn teaching one another about the love and art of dancefrom ballet to break dancing all the racial barriers are tested but not without a good laugh and eye-opener about integration and social/racial politicsmanhood, family, and attitudes towards both races are sensitively told here and Julia's character tries to make up for the guilt she feels of her deceased mothera smash-hit

Logan M (es) wrote: An often overlooked Woody Allen film, "Sweet and Lowdown" may be a tribunal to a fictional musician, but its depiction of the rise and fall of musical stardom is as realistic as the movie is captivating.

Jeremy S (kr) wrote: Whiny and nowhere near believable, Bogosian's would-be slacker opus was already dated by the time Linklater got around to making a feature film out of it. Not badly cast (Zahn's puppylike doofus provides the film's few bright spots), but ultimately irritating and unnecessary.

Justin W (de) wrote: i enjoyed this film a lot...but one thing about it bothers me: how is this rated 'pg'? there's a little bit of swearing and nudity...granted there's no blood and otherwise it'd be a child-friendly film...but a topless woman seems out of place in a pg film to me. anyway, it's a nice film with some very enjoyable scenes...the shower scene is probably the best shower scene leading to death that i've ever seen in a film. overall, this is good stuff...but it's one 'pg' movie you may not want your kids to watch.

Millo T (nl) wrote: One of these movies in which each one of the shots is wonderful, but the wholesome is quite unbearable. The very long introduction with Christmas in family is nice... as long as you do not want to tell anything later. The main value is to make even more contrast with the dark and austere atmosphere later, which is quite oppressive. However, the rhythm of the movie, with a slow pace, does not help in this too long story for what it has to tell. Photography is great, of course, characters are nice, but it seems to recreate on them was much more important than telling us a story. Disturbing, very achieved fearful scenes in the second part of the movie. I liked very much the final speech in the family meeting. Bittersweet flavor.

Robert P (ca) wrote: Crazy looking road movie with the focus on spectacle. Interesting look at a transforming society

Mandela W (br) wrote: I don't believe in Aliens nor UFO's. It is interesting though the old fascination people had with otherworldy beings back in the day. Over the years in cinema we've seen the scary, the silly and downright intriguing portrayals of aliens. Close encounters of the third kind tackles peoples extreme interest in the idea and the effects it has on others. Steven Spielberg directs a film that showcases the nest stage in his directing evolution. A small town of Indiana is about to experience the most unusual event of their lives. This movie's main character Roy is a citizen of this town and he has an encounter with a UFO one night. This sparks a potentially dangerous fascination with the flying saucer a fascination that also happens to a young woman who loses her son to that same flying apparatus.the film has a veeeeery slow start. It then finally picks up after 20 minutes and gets real exciting. of all the films to identify as Spielberg film this is the most likely one to have his finger prints. Its made at such a high level. If Imax was around this would have been an even greater feature flick. The film has a very expansive and awe inspiring cinematography. I can tell this was one of his earliest big scale films.the biggest motif in this film is fascination with what lies in the skies. Spielberg shows religion praying to what lies above them and Also roy's fascination with the UFO's that fly above him. this is fantastic directorial work from the icon. Richard dreyfuss was not bad here. Roy was a guy who graduatually began to lose it more and more thanks to the alien activity. Melina dillion was sort of like a mirror of him as she went equally as nuts as he didThe screenplay was great and well done just like the film score. I'm sure back then the visual effects were impressive but compared to what he did with War of the worlds it's a far cry. this did however lay down the groundwork which would be used in Independence day. Lastly the the music scene near the end was really weird I must say but the overall ending was good.This is a pretty darn good speilberg flick. two thumbs up for sure.

Brett B (mx) wrote: The cast is comprised of numerous heavy hitters, and the score by John Williams ably compliments the on-screen action, but the film relies too much on stock footage (which does not mesh well with the rest of the movie), and the battle itself is presented in a fairly uninspired way.

Mark M (nl) wrote: The premise of Escape from the Planet of the Apes remains largely unchanged other than being a reversed scenario of the events in Planet of the Apes (1968), and as the events serve to propel the eventual rise of the primates, the franchise has begun to show its wear and tear.

Caitlin A (br) wrote: Really cool to watch. Such an awesome commentary on revolution and stagnation. Reminded me of La Jetee and other alternative approaches to film. Some of the best parts are when the movie breaks away from its plot into montage.

jenny w (fr) wrote: this was a good film

Dimitris M (br) wrote: I didn't know Joan Bennet. What an actor!! Great performance at this movie

James N (kr) wrote: Prety good movie...A little shmautlzy at times but worth watching.

K N (jp) wrote: Mel great as usual. Great film, filmed in a real prison, ex-prison that is, in Mexico.