Jungle 2 Jungle

Jungle 2 Jungle

Uptight New York City executive, Michael Cromwell, pursues his soon-to-be ex-wife to South America and returns home with the son he never knew he had -- a boy raised in a tribal village in Brazil. Armed with only his blowgun, the 13-year-old Mimi-Siku discovers that the world outside his jungle home is indeed a strange place.

Manhattan broker Michael Cromwell is engaged to fiancée Charlotte but needs a divorce from his estranged wife, Patricia, who's been living in the Amazon with a native tribe for years. He then suddenly learns he has a thirteen-year-old son who's been raised in the jungle. He brings the boy to New York city, and that's where the fun starts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jen B (ag) wrote: This is a great film.

oxana (it) wrote: Another good Pokmon movie.While Zorua bordered to annoying and still managing to be really entertaining too with its transformations, Celebi's role seemed kind of insignificant even though it was important. Zoroark was a bit hard to grasp, although still interesting.The plot was quite effective, the art was good, and the presence of Legendary Beasts (Raikou, Entei and Suicune) definitely rocked.This was the first time Unova Pokmon were introduced. It was kept vague, though, which is nice seeing as Ash's story is not taking him to Unova just yet.The villain, Kodai with a fading ability to see his own future, was somewhat interesting, but the rest of the new characters were left a little thin: none were overwhelmingly deep or momentous. They did their thing, served their purpose, and kept the story moving.All things considered, the plot was solid and entertaining, didn't fail too badly at anything, and the movie was thoroughly enjoyable.

Bill E (jp) wrote: I prefer the series but still worth a look.

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Frances H (br) wrote: Great movie about the first sexual discrimination law suit that is a triumph for Charlize Theron and Frances McDormand, a great cast and women everywhere. This film is an inspiration and a three hanky movie.

Fraer C (ru) wrote: Absolutely diabolical horror movie. If there's one thing I have learned, it is never watch a film that stars a host of rappers.


Ariani D (jp) wrote: I've been a big fan of gypsy music. This film inspires a lot of music films, including Fatih Akin's Crossing the Bridge and possibly Buena Vista Social Club.

Liam C (es) wrote: I think The Last Samurai and Kill Bill cover THIS topic!

Tsubaki S (de) wrote: I have a soft spot for this movie, it is like a medieval terminator, plus, it has Richard E Grant and Julian Sands hams it up pretty good.

Amanda R (ru) wrote: Scum was produced in 1979 and shocked audiences with its damming portrayal of life 'behind bars' for juvenile offenders incarcerated in establishments commonly known as Borstals. Youths being held in such establishments faced a daily torrent of abuse from both inmates and the people employed to watch over them and held little chance of being effectively rehabilitated. The system was corrupt from the top down, with both governors and staff committing gross acts of violence and negligence against the juveniles that they were employed to watch over. These acts were both physical and psychological in nature and included incidents such as aggressive assaults and racist comments. Inmates struggled amongst themselves for power within the system, resulting in the stronger amongst them residing 'at the top' of the hierarchy. Scum portrayed this system with appalling realism.

Eeva P (es) wrote: True story...long movie but watchable

Asa B (de) wrote: An enjoyable satire.

Adam W (fr) wrote: It wasn't great, but it was kindof fun to watch .. how bad it was.

Michael M (mx) wrote: One of the most insane and original horror movies I've seen in some time, Let Us Prey is f***ing ridiculous. Following the rather simple premise of a mysterious man showing up in a police station and weird stuff starting to happen, this movie goes in some pretty crazy directions. The final act of this movie just goes bats*** insane, and will make it very divisive to a lot of people. I feel like this is a love it or hate it type of movie. Personally, I mostly loved it. There are flaws I cannot deny in this movie. Things sometimes seem to line up too conveniently, and there are some dramatic shifts in character at times where people seem to just lose their mind for no clear reason. The movie also shifts in tone from depressingly dramatic to overly silly sometimes, and while I'm usually okay with tonal shifts in film because that's just the way life is, here it doesn't really seem to mesh so well. There's also a romance thrown in at the last 20 seconds which I really didn't buy and knocked the experience down for me.I have sort of a sliding scale in my mind while I'm watching a movie of how many stars I'll give it, and this movie jumped around that scale a lot. In the end though, looking back at it, I liked it. At it's best moments it's basically a gory version of a Twilight Zone episode, and I really enjoyed that element to it. It could have been a great movie, but it falls short. Still, it's creepy tone, awesome performance from Liam Cunningham, and moments of insanity made it a really fun time for me overall.

John Joseph M (us) wrote: Zero suspense. It looks good but nazi zombies should be fun!

Dillan M (it) wrote: Already this movie is horrible, it is such a horror cliched mess. The film started out fine but the stupid characters and dull jumpscare moments really ruin this whole film. It has also a lot of unanswered questions that make it even worse. The Other Side of the Door is a horrible, predictable movie.