Jungle de Ikou

Jungle de Ikou

Natsumi Rokudou, a spunky 10 year old girl from Japan receives a strange statue from her dad who's an archaeologist. Little does Natsumi know that the statue houses Ongo, a terrible monster bent on world conquest. In a dream, a strange old man named Ahem warns Natsumi of Ongo's return, and gives her a necklace and tells her to do a sexually suggestive dance that will protect her from peril. Once Natsumi awakens, she finds Ongo on her bed...who's not too threatening looking. But now whenever danger rears it's ugly head, Natsumi must swallow her modesty, and do the embarrassing dance to transform into Mii, the large breasted flower spirit of New Guinea's past.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:magic,   airplane,   pervert,  

Natsumi Rokudou,a spunky 10 year old girl from Japan receives a strange statue from her dad who's an archaeologist.Little does Natsumi know that the statue houses Ongo,a terrible monster ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jayce Z (au) wrote: Let me say I am not usually a fan of musicals, but I love this movie. It's a perfect balance between reality and fantasy and it's incredible how a lot of things said in the beginning come back and connect in the end. As Sebastian says, "it's conflict and compromise."

Bheema D (gb) wrote: Don't let the poster fool you.

Kevin T (mx) wrote: Very sweet and charming.

Paul D (ag) wrote: A difficult low-fi account of one boy forced to come of age too early because of the less than innocent world around him. It's worked through well, but sometimes feels a little contrived.

Michael P (kr) wrote: A fantastic movie. A definite cult classic...Not many seem to know about this film, myself included, but you should all watch it if you can. I'm glad I was introduced to it (by someone who loves it...and rightly so.)It is ultimately about rebellion, internal and external, and fighting the system when it's representatives seek to place and keep you in a neat little box. Nicely labelled. We are dealing with teens in the early nighties, so the angst is directed at their parents as well as 'the man'. The main message at the film's core is about freedom, being who you really are and staying true to yourself, whoever that may be.Christian Slater is excellent in this (one of his earliest) and fits perfectly as the shy and geeky mark and his darkly comic DJ alter ego, Hard Harry. You cannot help but like him and his 'screw the system' attitude. His random diatribes are crude, funny and then often quite deep, resonating with his pirate radio audience and the viewer alike. There are themes covering freedom of speech, broken families and suicide, so the film does not shy away from making a statement.Very well acted by all concerned, particularly Slater and Samantha Mathis. Mathis is spot on here as the gothy rebel who cracks the shell and forces her way into Mark's world.The soundtrack is awesome too and echos many of the themes of the film (as well as just being some fantastic tunes). It is used with precision, intertwined into important parts of the story (as you would expect from a film about pirate radio) before subtly moving to the background to simply compliment the action.I can see why this film will have spoken to many that watched it on it's release and I wish I had seen it as a teen in the 90's, when it was most relevant. It still speaks to me...but as an adult, with an entirely different outlook on life. This is a film to entertain but also to inspire. Take from it what you will. "Talk hard, I like that. It's like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind."

Elgan D (jp) wrote: Moving drama, amusing comedy and also at times quite melancholic. 'Jean de Florette' is a very accomplished in many departments, looking forward to part two.

Christopher B (mx) wrote: Undoubtedly one of my favourite films, Alec Guinness is a comic superstar with his successful portrayal of a wide range of roles that mirror his reputation as an actor supreme in his generation. The film is well written and executed, with plenty of laughs and an ageless sense of plot that can be enjoyed for years to come. Robert Hamer performed well, creating a masterpiece of memorable scenes and quotes, with stellar performances all around. A film that is a landmark of British film making and one that I would recommend to everyone.

Efrainalfredo B (gb) wrote: Liked a lot. The history of Hypatia from Alejandria, a scientist in tumultuous times.

Stuart K (jp) wrote: Before Moulin Rouge (2001) would reignite the stale old Hollywood musical, Woody Allen had a go at it, buzzing with music since using a Greek Chorus in Mighty Aphrodite (1995). He succeeded with this one, which has an all star cast, and it's a much more affectionate and magical film than Baz Luhrmann's musical would be. The plot is basic, but it's fun nontheless using songs to carry the story along, it follows a family of liberals from the upper East Side of Manhattan, the Dandridges, father Bob (Alan Alda), wife Steffi (Goldie Hawn), their daughters DJ (Natasha Lyonne), Laura (Natalie Portman), Lane (Gaby Hoffmann), their conservative son Scott (Lukas Haas), their weird Grandpa (Patrick Cranshaw) and daughter Skylar (Drew Barrymore), who is engaged to Holden Spence (Edward Norton). Steffi's first husband, Joe Berlin (Woody) who lives in Paris, falls for Von Sidell (Julia Roberts) through a bit of serendipity from DJ, while Skylar ends up falling for paroled criminal Charles Ferry (Tim Roth). It uses old songs from the 1930's, but it works, and the musical numbers are beautifully staged, including one in a hospital, a Groucho Marx themed one and Goldie Hawn flying above the banks of the Seine in Paris. Woody got there first Baz!!

Ajay B (mx) wrote: It's sending out a good message... Wake up... People..