Jungledyret 2 - den store filmhelt

Jungledyret 2 - den store filmhelt

Hugo, the one-of-a-kind jungle animal, is snatched away from his home for a second time in another attempt for him to become an animal actor. Meanwhile, he's reunited with Rita the kind, ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:72 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   fire,   leopard,  

Hugo, the one-of-a-kind jungle animal, is snatched away from his home for a second time in another attempt for him to become an animal actor. Meanwhile, he's reunited with Rita the kind, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan H (mx) wrote: The entire thing was moderately funny but nothing great, EXCEPT I died when he talked about his big fear! That part was absolutely hilarious

The N (es) wrote: mucho mejor que la 2 y la 3

Jeff S (mx) wrote: I had posted this on IMDB. Moving it here to be in one place. (21 August 2010)A new way in making epic movies excitingI dare you find another movie -- about an unknown, undocumented event in the ancient history -- that is made to be as exciting as this one. I'm not talking about the Trojn war, or the story of knights of the round table that you've heard a million times since your childhood. This movie has everything from large battles to small ones to one-on-ones in the context of betrayal and a bit of romance. Had this been done with the big budgets of Hollywood and its big names it would have got a perfect 10. Not that Fassbender, West, and Cunnigham didn't do an excellent job already. I've already watched it 3 times and i'm still looking forward to watching it a few more times. With short sequences and bursts of bloody fights and struggles, with some execellent score bringing you on to the next scene, it resonates what Bourne Identity did to ordinary spy movies -- not to taken out of the context of course.Enjoy!

Andres V (de) wrote: La historia no tiene mucho para ofrecer, va de un Grandinetti que ya esta haciendo papel de abuelo y de como, gracias a su nieta, reconecta a las malas con su hija la cual vive en Espania (el vive en BsAs).Podria decirse que la idea general esta interesante pero muy mal plasmada, la pelicula pasa por situaciones que el guion no soporta pero ni a patadas haciendola aburrida e inverosimil.PS Cristina Valdivieso es igualita a Macaulay Culkin en "Home alone" 1990.

Gray E (mx) wrote: Not a bad movie. It certainly moves fast.

Kai T (fr) wrote: One of my favorite Disney movies ever!

Sean R (ag) wrote: Simplistic, contrived, and silly, commencing from the very textual opening describing 'code 46' itself. I believe this film bombed at the box office, and rightly so. A dystopian, controlled world where everyone is nonetheless constantly flirting and openly talking about sex!? Try that in today's workplace without getting slapped with a lawsuit! Full of factual errors -- 'code 46' itself is scientifically meaningless. The script also reflects the Americanisation of everything despite being a British production -- shades of the 1950s 'trans-Atlantic' Hammer Studios productions forever chasing the US market! See 'Artificial Intelligence' instead for a look at a cool future world.

David B (mx) wrote: If it weren't for the interviews with Tom Robbins and Kurt Vonnegut, I'd say his is worth watching for the music. But there are interviews with Tom Robbins and Kurt Vonnegut! And many others riffing on the spiritual and profane, mixed in with musical performances from all over the globe mixed together.

Brandon S (mx) wrote: "Liar Liar" is among my absolute favorite comedies of all time.

Scott C (gb) wrote: I came to expect a lot from Sam Peckinpah. This was one of his less impactful films in my eyes.

Sherry L (ag) wrote: Pretty decent depression-era movie by Robert Altman, with Keith Carradine and Shelley Duvall. The movie is about a couple of convicts who have recently escaped from jail, Mississippi 1936. As soon as they are free, they go back to doing the only thing they know to make a living, rob banks. With lots of issues, like getting away from the police, finding a place to stay, and finding new banks to robe, they make it their way. The youngest guy, Bowie (Keith Carradine) falls in love with a plain but innocent girl, Keechie (Shelley Duvall), and they start to think how they really want their new life together would look like. The older man in the gang, has quite a lot banks on his list of qualifications, and has a thing for a middleage woman who in going in a beautyschool. The third guy is a ladies-man with hot temper, who drinks whenever he gets bored. Everything seems to work out fine, until their 37th bank robbery, which ends up with several deaths and consequently makes them the three most wanted men in the whole country. There nothing pretencious about this. Just a decent flick, with good acting and directing. Sometimes it can be very relieving just to watch a movie without too much to analyze and take in. I don't really want to call this simple, cause simple is a word with a negative tone, but simple can be something good at times, as well. It's professinally done, and I think they really managed to create this depression-era feeling, with some small details like the radio shows and all Coca Cola everybody was constantly drinking (Coca Cola had just recently reach very high status at the time). I promise you will never see a movie with more coca cola bottles then in this movie! Even though it is a movie about bank robbers, don't just expect to see shooting, and car hunts and stuff like that. In fact, the bank robbery scenes are without any drama at all. So there is not much Bonny & Clyde, in it. I think this movie is very watch-worthy with some very memorable scenes and characters, and should not be forgotten just because it's one of Robert Altman's least famous movies.

Jennifer R (ag) wrote: pretty good and funny. i like colin hanks. ending wasn't so great though

Johnathon W (de) wrote: Enjoyable B-movie that, while butchering the Japanese classic, still survives thanks to much of Honda's original work & fairly solid edits. Raymond Burr gives a solid though stiff performance as the American reporter inserted into the story and the edits actual fit (at least on first viewing). While the film somehow manages to be 16 minutes shorter even with the additional footage, much of the Godzilla action is still left intact. The result is a classic B-movie, though not the true brilliance of the Japanese original.

dan b (ca) wrote: If there's one thing I've learned from old horror movies it's that you should never piss off scientists, especially if they are played by Bela Lugosi. B-movie fans should enjoy this one.

D M (us) wrote: A group of summer school teachers are trapped in their charter school when a virus spreads among the students which results in zombie-like symptoms. A great cast including Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, Jack McBrayer, and Jorge Garcia. The violence against children can be a little off-putting at times, but overall it is a very funny showing.