As part of a fertility research project, a male scientist agrees to carry a pregnancy in his own body.

Doctors Hess and Arbogast have invented a drug to help women carry pregnancies to term. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to test it on women. Needing proof of the drug's safety, Arbogast convinces Hess to carry a fertilized egg in his abdomen for a trimester... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Junior torrent reviews

Ana Q (es) wrote: Unexpectedly hilarious, even my husband enjoyed!!

Michael B (us) wrote: Good horror/thriller :)

Robbie M (au) wrote: Early morning softcore homo movie. It didn't really wake me up.

Hisyam S (us) wrote: What I got from the movie is that there are so many mixed of implicit-explicit message in the movie that make the audience confused. However, this melodramatic movie has a really pleasing visuals, and like others french movies, the story is told very patiently. It's just good yet great.

Irma A (us) wrote: every family has dealt with the crises this family is dealing with at some point of their lives. a gem of a film.

Robert S (jp) wrote: A very well done and true vampire movie, Hartnett is dead on in this one.

Manish N (it) wrote: 90% A Wonderful movie...not a fan of srk but brilliant acting by him..one of the best

JeanBaptiste F (mx) wrote: Doesn't age so well , but what a vision then !

Film F (kr) wrote: Jim Carrey's First.Davis & Goldblum are married in real live during this one.

Ryan M (mx) wrote: Black Moon Rising is surprisingly well-written and acted by Jones, Hamilton, and Vaughn. For being a bit of an 80s wash, it holds up pretty nicely despite its dated effects. From the beginning of the film, we Jones enter a convenient store and from that moment he steals the show: a young kid walks looking to rob the place, to which Jones warns him an understated way, not to give up his life. This moment indicates to us that this is more than a routine caper picture: it's a multi-layered character portrait hidden beneath the subtle tones of the action. That being said, there are some big plot holes that bothered me, such as, how has the big corporation that is stealing cars not been found out by the police or Feds? The movie doesn't concern itself with these questions but is more focused on the emotional boundaries these characters are willing to exceed in order to pursue their needs.

The Joint Is Really Jumpin in Carnegie Hall (ca) wrote: "I got Rhythm" the best movies ever

Rory P (mx) wrote: I feel like I've been manipulated. But it was wonderful.

Lisa S (ru) wrote: This is a mediocre sci-fi thriller with a predictable easy ending, but it has its good scenes too. I wasn't sure what to write about it other than that. Overall, an okay movie, but could've been better.