Jurassic Shark

Jurassic Shark

When an oil company unwittingly unleashes a prehistoric shark from its icy prison, the Jurassic killer maroons a group of art thieves and a group of college students on an abandoned island

When an oil company unwittingly unleashes a prehistoric shark from its icy prison, the Jurassic killer maroons a group of thieves and beautiful young female college students on an abandoned... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Filomena G (es) wrote: not the scariest haunted film i have seen. found it more comical then scary but it had great potential to be a good horror as it is based on the whaley house, a very well know haunted spot in america with a great background story to it. Unfortunately I think they took it to far and it just did not scare at all for me.

Deborah H (br) wrote: Really silly, chessy movie! It was a different way to tell the story or legend of Bloody Mary.

james s (ag) wrote: Very funny. A few random gags and generally a fun film.

Elle M (jp) wrote: Fuckin awesome. Never woulda thought I would like this lovestory.

Ed H (kr) wrote: I happen to love New York ... and this movie.

Stuart P (jp) wrote: Robbins astutely observes the direction of US politics with this almost prescient story about a guitar-toting "anti-Folk" hero, a darling of conservative US politics.

Mark S (ag) wrote: 4 stories put together in a movie because the people in the 80's thought it was "too much for tv"this dvd is out of print. i own it.. suck it bitches..TERROR IN TOPANGA - topanga was cory's gf in boy meets world. this story involved a psycho in the back of a ladies car. are cigarettes really worth almost getting killed over?when could you buy 2 half gallons of milk and 2 jugs of OJ and a carton of cigs for $15. hahTHE BISHOP OF BATTLE - emilio estevez tries to beat atari and loses in the end. i also believe he was bleaching his hair.THE BENEDICTION - lance hendricksen is a priest. the opening dream is kinda fucked up but then he fights a big evil black truck with an upside down crucifix in it. (the devil?? maybe)THE NIGHT OF THE RAT - that giant rat decided to cause terror to that family because veronica cartwright and her husband fought back and forth and divorce wasnt bad enough for them. loved the special effects of the rat at the end.. very night of the lepus-y

Jonathan S (gb) wrote: I think Enid from "Ghost World" would like this.

Sam G (nl) wrote: Even as a kid seeing it, I still thought it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. That's a problem considering it's a kids film.

Juan Diego L (gb) wrote: Es buena, la historia es muy entretenida, y el climax muy bueno, de las mejores pelculas de DC animadas en mi opinin

Gavin M (ag) wrote: I'm in middle school and my lazy teachers show a lot of movies (because they don't want to teach), and 90% of them are crap beyond belief, but October sky was an exception. It was quite predicitable, formuliac and a bit cheesy at times, but it was still well made, and man, was I surprised when I saw that it was directed by Joe Johnston. I was amazed that he could go from directing a movie as mature as this, to a complety immature film - Jurassic Park 3. The Acting was pretty decent, and I thought Laura Dern in particular was great, she kind of reminded me of Sandra Bullock's character from The Blind Side. The main thing in the film that I found annoying was Homer's (the main character) relationship with his dad. We've seen this "Dad-wants-his-son-to-follow-in his-footsteps-and son-wants-to-be-independent" relationship so many times, I got bored with the father-son scenes, instead of being entertained. But, all that being said, it was still a good movie, and if you haven't seen it and have got the time, I recommend checking it out.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Jenna G (ca) wrote: The movie is really not even close to being as good as Smith's great performance, sadly. It just didn't work for me and the only thing really worth watching for is of course, Maggie Smith.

aaron w (it) wrote: I love Mad Max but this movie isn't great. I think the reason is because the co writer died. However when I watch this I feel more like I'm watching Peter pan and the lost boys