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Jussi Pussi

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Alex C (it) wrote: Just your average raunchy underdog sports comedy. Nice, but easily forgettable.

MF J (de) wrote: a very good German film about a bunch of rebel teenagers that break and enter into people's home nt to steal to but change and remodel the whole furniture into artistic shapes to warn them they can't hide any longer behind their money and fancy alarm systems but have to face the evolution/revolution this world is going through. Highly entertaining & intelligent.

Steve W (mx) wrote: A surprisingly decent DTV action flick starring and directed by Dolph Lundgren. It's violent, with lots of gory shootouts and hard hitting action. The story isn't too bad either, but some of those sex scenes seemed a bit forced. Worth checking out if you like Dolph Lundgren or old school action movies

Ash S (gb) wrote: Excellent historical biography of Harry Truman.....worth watching! Gary Sinese was great!

Brandon C (ag) wrote: Richard Pryor's best work ever.

Brian W (ru) wrote: Terribly dated. Tedious story that really is about nothing at all.