Just a Father

Just a Father

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Dannielle A (us) wrote: An extremely adorable movie about four best friends during the summer before they transition into middle school. Each family is dealing with very difficult issues which the movie deals very delicately with. Vanessa is an aspiring actress, Lizzie's brother comes home from the war in Iraq wheelchair bound, Jess is struggling with the fact that her parents are separated and her mom has a new boyfriend, and Peri has a deep secret she can't tell anyone. All four girls will help each other get through their challenges together and discover that friendship is one of life's most important treasures.

Marion R (nl) wrote: I enjoy this film as much as Fay Grim, I will check out more of Hartley's films.

Jason T (gb) wrote: Part Saw, part lame o romance/family, all bore. A slasher movie where the villian is dull, the acting is bad, the characters are stupid, even the sound on this movie was messed up. What a waste of time.