Just Another Pandora's Box

Just Another Pandora's Box

Qing Ye Se (Ronald Cheng) only knows how to be a thief, but he runs into major trouble when he accidentally steals the heart of Rose (Sun Li), an immortal fairy. During a chaotic chase, Qing gets ahold of the Pandora's Box, sending them both back in time to the Three Kingdoms era. Mistaken as a general, Qing is thrown right into the middle of the Battle of Red Cliff. Meanwhile, Rose continues to devise new ways to earn Qing's affection, even if it means having to be someone else.

Traveller Tsing meets a girl with a sword, which is "forever" kept in the sheath. Quite by chance he succeeds to pull the sword, and she said him that it is a sign - now he has to marry her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick R (ca) wrote: I tried to watch this on the Sci-Fi Channel and the later on Netflix awhile ago. The movie was based on a book by Stephen King when he was Richard Bachman. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a police guy in the near future, wrongfully accused of murder. In this future the only form of entertainment is the Running Man a game show where criminals fight and compete for their freedom. This premise really sticks with you since it seems like reality TV is going down this road at times. Where we have to intentionally die from someone's entertainment.The movie itself is okay and Arnold does a lot of one liners. There's also some electric guy to tries to kill the Running men and he also does opera too. If your a fan of 80's Sci-Fi and social commentary this is your movie.

Edward R (ru) wrote: A fairly entertaining modern kung fu movie with some out of control action scenes, definitely worth at least a watch. though the main characters often funny but obnoxious personality may grate you at times.

Lisa D (nl) wrote: This movie has NO score on Rotten Tomatoes---no critical reviews, not even a user rating. And... there's a reason for that. Amanda Bynes is usually a funny girl, but here is not funny at all, just psychotic. "Love Wrecked" is the worst possible version of "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton".

Anna M (it) wrote: I almost turned this off. It grew on me, though, and ended up being cute, though a far far cry from cinematic genius. The Spirit of Cary Grant was a more annoying than funny device.

Garrett A (mx) wrote: Very inspirational, when USA us bigger then the names on their and brings a band of brothers together. it's a great feeling

Kirsten R (fr) wrote: OMG, this movie sucked!! This movie is just about two white girls who live the perfect life who decide they want to deal with Latino drug dealers. And seeing Anne topless throughout most of the movie was absolutely repulsive. So unless you're a total perv and like seeing 2 little white girls acting like sluts and having sex with drug dealers, don't bother watching it.

Charlie G (ca) wrote: Action movie with some humor.

Tom G (ca) wrote: James and the Giant Peach is a quirky, ultra original story that proves true magic is for everyone no matter their age, and you can make friends with the most unlikely characters in the most unlikely places. The animation stands the test of the time, and the catchy musical numbers will have you tapping your feet right through the end credits. Revisit this film for a good time, immediately!

Tyler A (gb) wrote: to me this was like Menace to Society meets Boyz in the hood but all it really lacked was a direction like they never really do anything in this movie

Aj V (kr) wrote: I only saw this because of Crispin, but it's the worst "falling in love with my hot tutor" movie I've ever seen. The dialogue is horrible and cheesy, as is the storyline and acting. I do not recommend this movie.

John P (ag) wrote: Again, rating this one mostly on visuals alone. This one's more disturbing to watch than Africa Addio. In fact, it's up there with Cannibal Holocaust in terms of sheer wince moments and me frowning in disgust. It lacks what made Africa Addio so fascinating, namely because half of the movie is its actual premise (a documentary set in the past), and the latter half is just filler that would belong in Mondo Cane, or an earlier mondo.Now, the scenes set in the past are the most disturbing, mostly because there is a cast of hundreds of blacks whose sole purpose is to be degraded and treated like animals on camera. Now, while some of the most disturbing sequences (castration, rape, torture) are implied and obscured by the camera, they still pack a hell of a punch, and one wonders how the hell Jacopetti and Prosperi could get a black man without arms or legs to strip down on camera and prance about like a chicken begging for food.The cinematography, like the others, is beautiful, Painfully so, in fact. The cherry on top of this spicy meatball is a sequence that replays the Nat Turner slave rebellion in 1960s Miami, which is a harrowing.... And pretty awesome sequence. So, is this film racist? Uh.... I'm pretty sure Jacopetti and Prosperi didn't intend it to be malicious, but yeah, it's racist. I guess calling it beautiful isn't really a recommendation, but fuck it. It's beautiful. I don't recommend it to people who don't want to see some of the stuff that I talked about before, but if you want to see a movie that is essentially two filmmakers trying to correct an offensive phrase, only to dig their own graves deeper, then this is for you.

John A (es) wrote: Exquisite comedy from Ozu, effectively portraying the lives of women and children in post-war Japan. The regular themes are here: family strain, the influence of technological advances, budding romance, and the parent/child dynamic. Yet here, the comic touch is in full force, Ozu missing no opportunity for jokes. The camerawork is consistently excellent, beautifully utilizing depth of field and color to create a visually engaging experience that resonates with real life.

Jocey D (it) wrote: Entertaining and poignant in a good way. Bette Midler and James Caan are great entertainers.

Carolyn A (it) wrote: Even the opening credits scared the bejezus out of me. I watched most of it peeking through my fingers. Would I watch it again? No.

Ben T (gb) wrote: This is not a good film, in fact it's pretty awful. However, this movie is too funny and entertaining for me to hate it. As a movie it's an F. But it's too entertaining for me too truly hate it or anything.