Just Around the Corner

Just Around the Corner

Penny helps her idealistic architect father get his dream of a slum clearance project; The little miss dances with Corporal Jones.

Shirley helps her idealistic architect father get his dream of a slum clearance project; The little miss dances with bill "Bojangles" robinson. Based on paul gerard smith's book, "Lucky penny". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gianfranco M (us) wrote: Chronicle + Kick Ass + Saw!!! Vs (Conosciuto anche come "All superheroes must die" un discreto film amatoriale di gran lunga superiore a tanti blockbuster supereroistici hollywoodiani. Con un budget superiore e qualche attore decente poteva essere un capolavoro. Speriamo che qualche finanziatore prima o poi se ne accorga e finanzi Trost, l'idea buona e merita molto di pi.

james f (mx) wrote: Better than where's my mummy, but still pretty raz!

Paul R (it) wrote: Check out this relatively unknown gem of a movie - Cypher. Directed by Vincenzo Natali who we have to thank for the splendid low budget mystery nightmare - Cube, we are once again treated to another great idea, this time executed extremely well indeed. It looks absolutely stunning with some great visuals and cinematography, it's meager budget was certainly eked out very well.We follows Morgan Sullivan, a sad, drip of a man who craves for a more exciting life and is bored with his mundane existence at work and at home. He starts a new job working for a global computer corporation called Digicorp. His job seems very simple - travelling to various conventions around America to covertly record the speeches that are made by Digicorp's competitors. His seemingly normal life suddenly changes when he meets a beautiful and mysterious woman who reveals some truths about what is really going on.Cypher is a superb mystery Sci-Fi thriller with excellent pace and a tight story. As more is revealed we are taken on a journey through corporate espionage, brainwashing and conspiracy. It's jam packed with enough twists to keep you guessing throughout. Exciting, compelling and ultimately rewarding, this is a film that I have always felt deserved far more acclaim. Watch this!

Joshua G (ag) wrote: Oh how I hated this movie when I was younger. Halle Berry is charming enough as the 'teacher' (hot teacher) and the scenery pulls off a good performance too. Yet overall the film is so formulaic by the end, any great build up of character relationships are forgotten and it becomes a total Hollywood cringefest.

Tijani M (jp) wrote: His parents desperately want to sand him away to summer camp.

Matt L (es) wrote: almost as good as bomb the system

Christina E (ag) wrote: I don't think you can really categorize this as horror since there was nothing scary about it. You already know who the killer is, so basically you just watch kill after kill. The same methods were used time and time again to pull the victims away from the group making it tedious and dull. If you're watching it because it's a part of the series, don't expect too much from it.

Salim C (gb) wrote: si bella italiana sei una nioka

Mallory A (fr) wrote: Crichton has done more interesting projects. This has no meat.

Toucan C (ru) wrote: Gets half a star for cute bunnies. Gets no more stars cos it was SO FRIGGING BORING. Srstly nothing happened. It wasnt even cheezy bad. It was just bad.

Matt H (nl) wrote: Saw this to compare it to The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford. Definitely an inspiration for that movie, especially at the beginning. Probably the best scene is the musician singing the folk song to Ford. The romantic elements didn't work to me, and it's too bad the film decides to mostly focus on this aspect of Ford's story.

Paul D (br) wrote: It takes a while to build up to the suspence, but once there Fritz Lang comes into his directorial own once again.

Brendan B (fr) wrote: Beautiful, amazing movie!

John B (es) wrote: Didn't want to see this because of all the negative reviews, but it really wasn't that bad at all. In fact, I kind of liked it. Thought Bill Murray was great in it and he had some nice moments. I wish the world would come together and that region of the world could become more loving, less violent and stable and women were not so repressed there.