Just Before Nightfall

Just Before Nightfall

A married man (Michel Bouquet) who killed the wife of his best friend during a tryst feels compelled to turn himself in.

Charles Masson, an advertising executive, is having an affair with Laura, the wife of his best friend, the architect François Tellier. Charles strangles Laura when one of their S&M games ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ned P (es) wrote: Trying to lampoon a world that does a good job of lampooning itself was never going to work. That it spawned an ITV1 series tells you everything you need to know.

Louis M (ca) wrote: Previously Banned and released by Vipco this is one of the best Lucio Fulci films I've ever seen.

Kimberly L (es) wrote: A touching and deep family story. The acting was really top notch from everyone. The interview in the lawyers office throughout the movie provided an aspect of intrigue to an otherwise classic style drama. At the end I was pining to call my mom and tell her I love her.

John O (de) wrote: Ridiculousness, Funny, Chris Farley Steals the show Action Adventurous, Silly at sometimes and Plot what Plot It's one of those movies that you have no idea on what going to happen next For a Sidekick role Farley carries this movie with more screen time then anyone doing what he was famous for making us laugh and doing most of his own stunts I had waited years to watch this movie I'm not disappointed it enjoyable with funny character's Chris Farley Lejund!

Gerard M (au) wrote: The greatest Amsterdam based serial killer movie ever made.

Matt W (gb) wrote: Most unready-for-change soundtrack ever, other than Ride the High Country.

Curtis E (au) wrote: Refreshing - great acting job Terrence & Bernie Mac.

Love M (ag) wrote: This was quite a thrilling film, with twist and turns that when you think you know whos winning it turns around again! Although the ending gets predictable when Michael Madsen takes Val Kilmers wallet, this is still an enjoyable film, with great perfromances and action. Michael Madsen looked gorgeous in it!!