Just for the Record

Just for the Record

A year after the collapse of a low-budget British rom-com, documentary maker Andy Wiseman sets out to find out what went wrong. He speaks to the producer, Nicholas Johnson, an alcoholic whose office is a lap-dancing club, the writer, Flynn Beatty, living in a suburban semi, and the deluded 'visionary' director, Harlan Noble, dwelling in deserved obscurity. But as the cast and crew tell their tale, will Andy ever get to the bottom of the farrago that was 'Just for the Record'?

An uproarious mockumentary about the British film industry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Benjamin W (es) wrote: I'm going to be honest. The first Fullmetal Alchemist movie I dispised because it was a part of a story that just wasn't meant to be and just didn't set well because of an all-around bad ending. Brotherhood however I can approve, because it wraps up the whole series nicely with nothing to really complain about. This movie I felt expanded upon the actual series and while not a part of canon, it gives the audience a better idea of the world that the characters live in.Sacred Star of Milos would have to be the best anime film to come out this year. It sure as hell beats the latest Naruto Shippuden film with, though it had a good premise, the end fight and some of the scenarios in it were just terrible.Some people might complain about the sketchy animation, the trimming, how the story seems rushed and that it's all fireworks and no substance in this movie. But in this critic's opinion, I thought it was really solid.It stays true to the ideas and morals explored within the series, with descent levels of fast and slow sequences fed throughout, and I was quite astonished at how deep it actually went into the humanity of it.Granted it was a lot more violent then I expected, I was okay with this. At least it wasn't Akira or a shocking Evangaleon remake where a mech was tearing to shreds and ripping the guts out of another. Replace that scenario with a human being and then you really have something to profusely throw up at. This movie was pretty tame in the violence department.Aside from having a good story with mind-blowing conflicts and comfortable interactions, the animation was something else entirely. For some reason, the rough, sketchy and slightly deformed characters drawn up during the action sequences and even regular, everday movements gave the scenes more fluidity. It moves away from a lot of the stiff animations seen in conventional anime, and quite honestly, I find it much more exhilarating when blades start to clash. The chereography and camera work for the fight scenes were cool, and a fantasy story of this caliber would be pretty lame if people weren't chucking electricity at one another.Normally for other animations they repeat the same actions with some rather anti-climactic powerups with repetetive dialogue spoken before anyone started to fire anything at each other. Here, there is immediacy, and nobody actually shouts the names of their attacks before energy balls start flying. I can appreciate this.So overall, a great story, good characters, interesting concepts, good dialogue, a surprisingly great English and Japanese voicecast, and great animation. This gets five stars for giving me something good to watch outside of the disappointment of Prometheus, Blood Prison, The Adjustment Bureau and Battleship this year. Though this is old news, it's old news made interesting and perhaps better. Hopefully we'll see more of our favourite heroes Ed and Al.

Felipe F (ru) wrote: The Ides of March is a smart political drama with superb acting and a compelling story about power and corruption.

MEC r (fr) wrote: I didn't like this film.

Jatin G (es) wrote: strangley Awesome movie.. Powerful Ending.

Nick A (au) wrote: The Terminator meets the Principal and Mad Max, and they have a party together. Scary point of view from the beginning, definitely softened as the story advances. It's a typical movie for that day and age, and you can watch it just for the haircuts.

Jeff A (ag) wrote: A man walks into a bar. He orders a drink, smokes a little. He tells a few "a man walks into a bar" jokes. They are both funny and sad. He leaves the bar.

Nick W (nl) wrote: The plot is somewhat inconsequential, and I think that's the point. Tom is simply a cog caught up in the machine, expendable, one of thousands. The integration of the stock footage is beyond brilliant.

n b (it) wrote: Delicious Lombard ,i f you are a classic fan!

Susie P (fr) wrote: never tire of watching this film ... I love those bloody bulls !

TonyPolito (mx) wrote: A highly-faithful and fairly interesting retelling of the 1924 Leopold and Loeb murder case, where two well-do-to, highly intelligent, elitist law students decide they are among Nietzsche's Supermen (Ubermenschen). As such, they believe themselves superior enough to be entitled to kill an 'ordinary' young boy -- and genius enough to get away with 'the perfect crime.' B&W.The screenplay derives from a well-researched novel; only the names were changed, a lame (and unsuccessful) attempt to avoid legal entanglements. Mid-Century censorship standards required the film to skirt the duo's homosexual entanglement.The big delivery here is Orson Welles as the duo's defense lawyer (who was in fact Clarence Darrow) in what was dubbed - 70 years before OJ - "The Trial of the Century." However the rest of the major cast members also do their jobs very well. The film's reminiscent of "In Cold Blood" (1967) in that this is not a highly dramatic or gory telling, but rather a subtle yet engaging one, made so mostly by the true-enough oddities of its protagonists. Hitch delivered (well) a more fictionalized presentation of this duo in "Rope" (1948). But here in this film are the real details, where a pair of monied-up, spoiled-rotten bookworms who called their mothers "Mumsy" killed just for the thrill of an intellectual exercise. RECOMMENDATION: Well spent viewing.

Jon F (ag) wrote: totell copy of of jurassic parks

Jess S (jp) wrote: Based on the True Story of Elsa the lioness becoming rehabilitated into a wild lion by George Adamson.

Matthew H (mx) wrote: Daylight is a piss-poor excuse for a movie; pretty much everything about it is bad. The script feels like it was written by a teenager, almost the whole cast can't act (except Sly and Viggo), and the scenes defy any simple scientific laws and instead do only what the director wants them to do. It's one of those "why are they just standing there, go!" kinds of movies where everything is fake and manipulated. Rob Cohen has yet to prove himself as a director, and I'm starting to think he never will.