Just Heroes

Just Heroes

The assassination of a gang lord triggers a power struggle amongst his men. Who will win the game the righteous or the villain?

A respected and well liked gang-boss is betrayed and killed. One of his three adopted sons are to take his place. One of them is the traitor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Facebook U (mx) wrote: Kind of watchable post-high school film very cutesy and sometimes creepy about some a-capella comps. Girls vs boys group. The boy group was so superior. Sexy girls but mostly lesbians. Light story but with a funny beat that was hanging on. Of course the girls underdog had to make a good comeback. Funny extras on the DVD.

Gloria L (gb) wrote: I highly recommend going to see this film. It is a beautiful story of raw suffering. It is the balance of responding to an opening when not much in your past has any relationship to it. It is mustering your courage to walk with the new and unknown. Instead of ringing his neck, he got a slam upside his head that grabbed his heart. He moved slowly, not always correctly, into the path of his courage " and stumbled on some healing.

Peter R (es) wrote: This film was fantastic until about an hour in the writer and director decided to take a massive dump in it. It goes from clever and convincing to ridiculous and unconvincing with a truck load if cliches.

Syd F (de) wrote: the movie has a very original plot and a very intriguing story for any one ready for action and science fiction. the characters and art design is a pleasure to view. but in some areas the movie falls short on its stereo typical dew char and scenes. recommended worth a purchase.

Chris G (br) wrote: A shocking but sloppy piece of agit prop showing corporate cronyism stealing billions, undermining security and costing lives in a privatised war...Established documentarian Robert Greenwald (??Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price?? & ??Uncovered: The War on Iraq??) continues his polemic crusade against Bush era policy with this attack on the privatisation of the War in Iraq by an administration with a deeply rooted network of links to the private corporations which profit.The film starts with an emotive look at two Blackwater contractors killed by company cost-cutting exercises before moving on to look at the involvement of private interrogators in the prisoner abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib, the loss of military jobs to private contractor and the costplus arrangement which encourages these private contractors to overspend and overcharge for their services.CorpWatch founder and ??Fahrenheit 9/11?? contributor Pratap Chatterjee heads up the usual battalion of experts which this time out includes journalist Charles Lewis, camp commandant Janis Karpinski and conscientious objector Aidan Delgado, but it is the disgruntled servicemen, former contractors and bereaved families which give this film its heart.The reinvented television director takes his cue from ??Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Liberties?? by Nonny de la Pea, as he sidelines his array of talking heads in favour of some slightly editorialised personal stories which bring the entire production to life and allows it to look behind the headlines at those betrayed by the administration??s pro-corporate policies.??Rethink this very, very carefully.??

Kristine N (it) wrote: I didn't know IVF was so horrible...

Grant H (jp) wrote: Pretty good movie. Funny, suspenseful, good performances from its cast, especially White. Pretty good backwater Maine Jaws.

Richard F (au) wrote: Amazing, simply amazing. My favorite Fassbinder, for sentimental reasons, lol.

Chandra R (jp) wrote: waste of time and a dollar!

Viktor B (mx) wrote: Perhaps a little old, but still one of the better films about Greek mythology out there. The special effects might not seem as great as they once were, but everything else is head and shoulders above the remake.

Steve S (br) wrote: ** (out of four) A diabolical shrink lures an actress, played by Mary Steenburgen to a remote cabin in upstate New York in the 'dead of winter'. He and his assistant trap her there and use her since she is a dead ringer for the sister of another patient. It works into a ranson plot. The acting is fine, but I always have an issue with films where there is a double to someone else. It just isn't something that happens in real life and it makes the whole story unbelievable to me.