Just My Luck

Just My Luck

Norman works in a jewellers workshop and fantasises (in the nicest way) about meeting the window dresser across the road from his workshop. He wants to buy her a diamond pendant but calculates it will take him over 100 years to save up for it. He is talked into betting a pound on a six horse accumulator at the Goodwood races with a slightly shady bookmaker. When he has won on the first five races, the bookie owes him over 16,000 pounds and everyone begins to worry. Everyone's future depends on a single race ... what can be done ?

Norman works in a jewellers workshop and fantasises (in the nicest way) about meeting the window dresser across the road from his workshop. He wants to buy her a diamond pendant but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William M (es) wrote: Lets start with this movie is faith driven and is based upon the true accounts of the Trek of 2 companies Mormon saints crossing America and traveling the Oregon trail in the mid 100's. With that being said it is a very touching movie about their faith o less or greater than movies made for other religions. It is an education in history and a reaffirmation of faith that you will see in this film I recommend people watch it if you are looking for a heartfelt movie that will show you some humility and the hardships that had to be overcome a mere 150 years ago. Strong writing, excellent acting and direction. This is a good film that will make any viewer think about the hardships that their ancestors may have overcome to bring their family to a better life.

Sue S (fr) wrote: Such a sappy story about an underdog and his dysfunctional family. Of course I liked it a lot. Lol. I do love sappy.

Jared E (gb) wrote: This was aight. Weird hairline by Leto. True story though.

maxwell w (fr) wrote: As a child, I loved this film. The plot was original, the cinematography was near perfect, animation quality was fantastic, the atmosphere presented itself neatly, and everything else was amazing.

Phoebe S (kr) wrote: I adore most of this movie, but after the REALLY exciting action scenes finished, it kinda left me bored in the end.

Greg W (es) wrote: Wing Commander is based on a video game and has roughly the same degree of character development. That is all most moviegoers will need to know.

Brian S (kr) wrote: This isn't really a movie to me. Kind of like there are certain songs that are more. But I don't think that not too many people will treasure it. Not that I know from Indians. Valeria Golino "vegetable garden in the back where you rent a plot, grow your own, grow your own vegetables" Randall "Dogonit Rafael, what'd ya do that for" Mr. Baker "Henry said to Captain, whoah man ain't nothing but a man" If you don't like the movie, at least stick around til you see first retarded person get handled.

Philip Z (de) wrote: This film is ugly to look at, but it's interesting to see some bizarre possible influences for films like Battlefield Earth. Just check out Stuart Wilson's Marek, he dresses like Terl, complete with dreadlocks and the futuristic clothing style. The only thing missing is the go-go boots and alien makeup. Stuart Wilson's performance is scenery-chewing awful in this film too. Of interest only to fans of forgotten B-movies.

William W (it) wrote: There is such a joy I get when I watch the crime or noir films of Fritz Lang. Here's a man that truly understands evil. Though I have yet to see all of his Mabuse works, I can't wait to see every single interpretation--both by him and others--of one of my very favourite cinematic villains. Furthermore, I greatly relish seeing the works of great filmmakers who use subtlety and cleverness to get their art out in the most difficult of circumstances, using their craftsmanship to take pokes at the oppressive regimes they are working under (i.e., Eisenstein, Lang, the Czech New Wave, Jafar Panahi). Essential for any fan of the genre, and worth both purchasing and rewatching if you, like me, are a work of a remarkable director at the pinnacle of his profession.

Alex S (mx) wrote: I couldn't get into it.

Daniel S (br) wrote: Incomplete drama about a man in a downward spiral forced to look back at a regrettable turning point of his youth. Essentially a film divided in two, where what should be a moving experience is left lacking in many areas.