Just Say Love

Just Say Love

After what is supposed to be a no-strings hook up, two men discuss their dreams, what ideal happiness might be like, and maybe a future together.

After what is supposed to be a no-strings hook up, two men discuss their dreams, what ideal happiness might be like, and maybe a future together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Khaled M (au) wrote: Offensively hilarious as usual.

irin T (au) wrote: very american, and sometimes very manipulative, but the over all message is very valid and very important.

Jenn T (ru) wrote: This movie was painful! Acting was bad, plot was bad, just a generally horrible flick.

Aditya M (gb) wrote: A touching examination of how a married couple deals with the ultimate tragedy.

Kristal C (mx) wrote: Movies about the "creative process' are often pretentious and inaccessible for most people who aren't a part of the world that's being depicted, but this film is excellent at looking at the way words affect everyone regardless of who they are. Beautiful restrained performances from Lauren Ambrose (who should get way more work than she does), Lili Taylor (ditto) and Frank Langella are the foundation of this lovely character study that's well worth checking out.

Claire B (ag) wrote: La pelcula Volver, un melodrama, es una pelcula fantstica con muchos actores buenos. Por lo general, el tema es muy dramtico y expone mensajes como los malos resultados del matrimonio, las creencias sobre la muerte y la fuerza de las mujeres. Por ejemplo, los esposos de Irene y Raimunda se intentan a violar a sus esposas o a violar a la nia de los hombres. Tambin, por un lado, las mujeres que tienen un esposo tienen muchos problemas. Por otro lado, Sol, una mujer sola, no tiene ni un problema-un smbolo de los resultados malos del matrimonio. Entonces, cuando ta Paula muere, los vecinos piensan que el fantasma de Irene cuid a ella antes de ella morir-un mensaje que ellos piensan que los fantasmas son realsticos. Finalmente, Raimunda, la madre de Paula, es muy fiel, valiente y trabajadora. Ella cuida a Paula cuando su esposo Paco muere y es la sola fuente de dinero en la familia; entonces, ella se involucra en muchos trabajos y trabaja muy dura. Yo recomiendo la pelcula a las personas que disfruten la drama, la cultura Amrica Latina y los mensajes de sociedad. Volver es una pelcula fenomenal que usted disfrutar.

Kelly P (fr) wrote: As one reviewer asked "why weren't we taught this in school?" I had no idea the lengths to which my sisters had to go to get our right to vote. And I now know that August 26th was designated "Women's Equality Day" by congress - Thank you Bella Abzug - but I've yet to see it on a calendar! It was only a step... and the ERA still hasn't passed.

Scott J (mx) wrote: insane batshit nonsense with hilarious over the top action

Paul C (nl) wrote: Trashy but fun remake of the Herschel Gordon Lewis gore classic "2000 Maniacs" (which is based, believe it or, on "Brigadoon"). Not art, but mindlessly fun. Robert Englund is enjoyable as always as the Mayor.

a m (au) wrote: I have it & will be watched soon.

Joel L (us) wrote: Some of the worst films I've ever seen... it's fantastic.

John Y (us) wrote: Really great film that displays the talent from these great actors. Not that historically accurate, but it's still an amazing film.

David L (ru) wrote: Great acting but overall kind of depressing. You Shakespeare fans out there will be happy though- full of wordy dialogue that at first sounds good but that we quickly realize has no meaning, but that pseudo intellectuals will claim has meaning for generations to come! Shakespearean, indeed!

Knox M (it) wrote: Although minor Spielberg, The Adventures of Tintin is stuffed with entertainment from start to finish.

JJ H (gb) wrote: Probably The Rock's best movie