Just the Wind

Just the Wind

Drawing inspiration from the death-squad murders of several Gypsy families in Hungary in 2008, director Bence Fliegauf's chilling and unforgettable real-life horror story follows a family whose dreams of emigration and escape are suddenly, horribly destroyed.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Hungarian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gypsy,  

Unknown racist murderers have already attacked four families. Some of them died. Who will be the next on this ordinary day? Inspired by a true story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vulcan S (ca) wrote: a witty mixture of multiple genres and its exhilarating plot with twists outshine its shallow characters big time (y)

Annonymous M (ca) wrote: Well I love documentaries and crosswords so this was a no brainer. Loved it.

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Iowa B (ru) wrote: Russell Crowe delivers an electrifying performance, but, sadly, the film does very little to reward it. "Romper Stomper" deals with a controversial topic and it wants to discard the conventional l setup, which would have implied a transformation of its group of misfits, in favor of a documentary-like approach. And here is where it falls woefully short because of its lack of insight. Geoffrey Wright seems to be more interested in fights, parties, hangouts and occasional murders, than he is in properly developing his film's characters. Because except for Hando, the rest of them are merely a sum of cliches. This might have worked as well, but as I said before, the film offers little insight. We are briefly acquainted with their reasons, but beyond those very few scenes in which this happens, "Romper Stomper" switches between pointless scenes involving parties, fights, some sex and occasional murders. Since there is no character development, there aren't any real connections between the characters. The ones presented are either fake or forced. Also, Wright seems to mistake raw violence for intensity and it is rather amusing to see a film that is fairly violent and yet it has no emotional impact whatsoever. No even in the crucial scenes. Some might argue that most of these things happen because of that documentary-like approach I talked about, but a documentary should document something. In "Romper Stomper" that something is missing and what could have been used as a starting point, it is used here as a punchline.

Paul P (us) wrote: Worth it alone for Mickey Rourke's performance. He was such a good actor before the experiment with boxing. And Eric Roberts' is always entertaining even though he goes WAY over the top a few times haha. Solid flick that was always entertaining.

Andrew T (it) wrote: A weak Caesar with weak acting. The movie ends with peace between humans yet we know that humans are captured 600 years later. It continues its plot holes just like all the other sequels. It does have a fun battle scene, and it's watchable.

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