Justice League

Justice League

Hawkgirl's people, the Thanagarians, arrive to offer the planet protection from another alien race threatening to invade Earth. ** This animated feature based on the resurrected Cartoon Network series comprises the final three episodes of the show's second season.

Forces of evil| chaos| and destruction await. Not even protectors like Superman| Batman| Wonder Woman| Green Lantern| the Flash| Hawkgirl or the Martian Manhunter
may have a chance alone. But together as the Justice League| they are a metahuman force (and a hope) to be reckoned with. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Justice League torrent reviews

Nechama Shana K (br) wrote: Much of the information allegedly comes from information provided by people who worked on this malware in the IUS and who allegedly continue to work on other cyber warfare. They try to make you believe this is a movie about morals. They tell you it's a thriller. It fails on multiple levels. I learned more watching the 60 minutes segment on Stuxnet. It does however succeed in making Iran look like good guys. There had to be another agenda for making this movie.

Harrison W (ca) wrote: Good thing it has nudity because there's certainly no plot

Nick W (ag) wrote: An interesting perspective on the lives of autistic Americans. The acting ability was unbelievably good.

Megan G (gb) wrote: If you like Shakespearian type things you'll love this. Though not actually by Shakespeare it defiantly shows his ways of life,death, and debauchery.

Hayley L (nl) wrote: Unusual, but not. Dramatic, but not. Well-acted, but not. Genre-ised, but not. Certainly not generic.

Camille L (jp) wrote: Un film, c'est tres sympathique. Deux films, c'est attendrissant. Mais si l'integrale de STEPHEN CHOW, c'est toujours de la comedie efficace pendant une heure, mais que ca se traine en longueur sur la derniere demi-heure, les notes vont commencer a chuter. Les chinois ne savent pas viser un public, c'est drole, enfantin, mais sacrement violent et sanglant. L'histoire est pas trop mal, mais bon, c'est tellement inegal que ca ne merite pas mieux qu'une vision en passant. Pour les fans.

Paul J (au) wrote: This is a unique film in that it's the most recent film to be banned in the UK. Clearly, it's because the lead actor who is only nine years old kills multiple people in the film (including a cat.) Right off the bat, the films sinister side shows its ugly face with the believable Mikey killing his foster family. The rest of the movie works but ultimately feels like a TV movie. Yes, it's unusual and there are a couple moments where I was shocked but in the end, I was left feeling underwhelmed and a little bored. The child who plays Mikey is good though.

Richard B (ca) wrote: I wouldn't say it was the best football movie ever made, but it was one of the funniest. Scott Bakula was funny, and reminded me of his performance in Major League 3. The movie had a great cast, and a couple of good one liners. I don't think you could ask for more.

Alexander B (us) wrote: Gone Girl, is a Mystery/Thriller that a lot of people will enjoy watching and has great performances from Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike!

victor l (es) wrote: Richard Gere's performance as a mentally ill man is simple unbearable. The insipid, stupid and unbelievable romance between the patient and his psychiatrist was unnecessary, corny and completely lack of charm. The movie is very boring.

Mike S (gb) wrote: What a complete waste of great actors! I'll watch almost any fantasy flick, generally several times, I am a total geek about this, but this was the worst. Retch. I gotta read Flixster more often, seems ratings are right on! Well done, I am a believer.

Austin G (nl) wrote: It's fine. That's all I can say about it, really.

Cary R (nl) wrote: All kinds of bizarre but undeniably beautiful and fascinating.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Maybe worth a look, intriguing plot...