A unique underground movie giving us the opportunity to take a peek at an alternative lifestyle and love.

Abby is determined to do anything to avenge her father's murder. Posing as a dominatrix, she enters the world of sadomasochism and sexual fantasies...a perfect setup for revenge! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zach M (de) wrote: Not a terrible movie but definetly not very good either.Kristy Swanson doesn't look bad for her age.It's made for the people who enjoyed movies like Dinoshark or Mega Shark vs., so as long as you thought they were alright you'll enjoy this just as much.A shark built like a tank gets let loose in a swamp and some locals try to stop it.Along with Kristy Swanson, veteran actors Robert Davi and D.B. Sweeney star.

JeanAntoine B (kr) wrote: It must be the real last days of Kurt Cobain known as Blake in this movie, the way he isolated himself, got depressed and eventually died... He is surely a very big miss for us! ''Rock and Roll will never die''!

Risa C (us) wrote: i watched this movie on lifetime. it had ellen pompeo in it. it was ok. im glad he didnt kill himself, and im glad he got help.

Sue B (it) wrote: Interesting to see how quickly things can go so wrong...

Harry T (ru) wrote: Great film about a tour bus that breaks down in the middle of the desert. To pass the time, the occupants decide to try and put on a rendition of Shakespeare's Henry V. Strange things occur. Terrific film.

Jessica G (ca) wrote: Boring movie about tarantulas accidently coming to a small town in Californa.All the actors seemed bored and not really wanting to participate and I can understand them, because the movie was soooo boring.There was barely ANY suspension at all, why would I care that some unnamed B-characters get killed by spiders they are too stupid too notice?I hate to say it, but the spiders actually seemed kinda cute... it was just too obvious they weren't going to hurt the actors.

Chris W (ag) wrote: As this is an Oscar Best Picture Winner, I'm forcing myself to see it

Nicola W (mx) wrote: This was ok but not as good as other similar films I have seen. It mainly focused on the corn industry and even though it said it was bad for our health it didn't explain why. Forks over knives and Cowspiracy are much better documentaries but Food inc does cover some very interesting points which makes you question where you buy your food

Joel A (ca) wrote: It's probably more accurate to describe Full Metal Jacket as an experience as supposed to a film. The opening 40 mins of the film showcasing the marines getting drilled are scenes you are not likely to forget.Largely a film on the conditioning of these men in the army & then the exploitation of them by the media whilst in Vietnam.In true Kubrick Fashion the visual sense of the film is sensational but there are so deep themes & a brilliant expose of the silliness & irrelevance of Vietnam, a must see War Film!

Jesse G (br) wrote: Excellent christian oriented family movie.

Randy L (jp) wrote: Exceptional feel good Christmas movie. All star cast makes you laugh and remember how great life really is. Filled with joy, sadness, disappointment and love as the universal denominator, it reminds us how friends and family center our everyday existence. ??????????????

Robert W (ca) wrote: One of Corman's best.

Galvy F (ca) wrote: When we can clearly see times have changed, and things are what they used to be, and we all need a boost. When everyone we see could clearly use a boost, when jobs are scarce. When we can see there is not much opportunity, but a chance to make it great again. When we can see we don't have what it takes. When others don't see, we have to see for them, so they can have future. When we see we must do what it takes to get those on board. When those who see are professionals and can see other things that stears those our direction. When others can't see at all what is happening, and see how upsetting the life is. When we can see we are much needed, when we are the only one. When we can see that this town is nice, has things we want, but others don't see that way and don't care. When we don't need to see, when we can taste, feel, hear and know that this place is a good place to live in. When we need to make others see what they are missing out on, and what they miss they don't need tonknow. When the government doesn't see how life is or how many people there are when life is livable without the system and unlivable with. When see we don't like cheating our whole life, and need a change for the good. When we can see that the great lie is working. When we can see how much of a good person someone is, that we can't go further. When we have to make others see what they can't see. When seeing is believing, and all that matters is how we arevtreated, how we feel about the town,people to stick around for the good and bad. When we can se we are much appreviated, loved and respected for making a decision to stay. When we can see things are back to being happy again, when life & wife is happy. When we can see how everything worked out.