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K.O. torrent reviews

Lloyd W (us) wrote: This is an amazing beautiful movie I do not know why people would rate it this low.

Jesse G (es) wrote: Great movie but I will review on both short films hulk vs Thor had great animation and great story, hulk vs wolverine had great violence and story I give them both four stars

Itchel d (fr) wrote: Miura.. yui...ayoooosh!!

Lance E (it) wrote: Quite possibly the best video game based anime that wasn't produced by the game makers themselves(hi Square, it looks good on ya), not to mention the best of the Fatal Fury animations.

Martin T (ru) wrote: There's nothing irritating or stupid or awful about it, it's just so unremarkable. A typical story about a tragic French gangster, does nothing to stand out from similar works by Melville, Dassin, Becker. Not a waste of time, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you just can't get enough French noir (or Jean-Paul Belmondo, whose sauve presence as a secondary character is far more compelling than Lino Ventura in the lead).

Dustin G (fr) wrote: This film is, first and foremost, gorgeous with amazing direction by its legendary director. It's at times funny, at times sad. It's not very original in story or execution but it's solid as a film that exists within a specific genre. Wayne is great, Ford is great, this movie's great.

Nicole L (ca) wrote: let's watch it again

Luke R (gb) wrote: Almost as good as the original.

Dorie L (ag) wrote: I saw this in LA at the Los Feliz 3 Theater. It was hilarious. Thomas Middleditch reminds me of a young Gene Wilder. Damon Wayans Jr. was great. Yes, it can be a little raunchy, but so was Bridesmaids. Everyone was really funny and there were a lot of people that popped in and out that you would recognize like Ed Helms & Greg Germann. If you want a good laugh, go see or or rent it on VOD.

Aoibhean O (ca) wrote: As an immigrant to America, this hits home with me. I loved seeing Enniscorthy, I felt like I was back in the town. Although I never lived there, I visited quite a lot on my weekends off. Can I slap Miss Kelly? She's so nasty and Brid Brennan did so well portraying her. The fact that Miss Kelly brought out anger towards her goes towards Brid Brennan's acting skills. The acting was great, Domhall Gleeson is great and I love how he can just fall into his characters, no matter what films he's in. Saoirse does the same and she was perfect for Eillsh. When she gets homesick, I understand that feeling all too well, you really do want to die at times. The fact that I could relate to Eillish, not just in the book but the film too was great. She really was well portrayed. Tony.. Oh my, what a looker. I pictured him a little different in the book but Emory Cohen portrayed him well. My favorite scene was the dinner with his family. I laughed along (as you are supposed to) and I wanted to hug Frankie after he was punished. I have watched this so many times and I have recommended the book and the film to people. It's a great film.