Kaadhal movie revolves around Murugan (Bharath) who is a diligent scooter mechanic in Madurai and life goes on smoothly for the young man till the rich schoolgirl Aishwarya (Sandhya) sets her eyes on him. The infatuation reaches dangerous levels when she coaxes Murugan to take her away from the clutches of her family, which has other plans about her future.The na

Aishwarya (Sandhya), a convent-girl from a wealthy family in the town of Madurai (Tamil Nadu) falls in love with a young motor-mechanic, Murugan (Bharath) whom she encounters in the street. Faced with the imminent threat of an arranged marriage with an "American groom" she persuades Murugan to elope with her to Chennai where they take refuge with his former schoolfriend in a men's hostel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chuck L (au) wrote: Engaging throughout and tied together beautifully in the end

Karen H (jp) wrote: 2012-08-26 LOTS of action, hubby liked it.

007 W (it) wrote: It's OK but the reason it's not as good as the first is because it's way too similar to the first Iron Man movie that came out into 2008, it has the exact same plot a the first movie, and another problem is that Terrence Howard is replaced by Don Cheadlebut, I will say this the action is amazing, and the plot for the most part in the movie makes a lot more sense than in the first one, and it's always very entertaining and avoids clichs while at the same time making fun of them so I guess you can say it's pretty good, it did everything it had to do and I enjoyed it

Kenneth L (mx) wrote: Fun fact: When this movie was made in 2008, the national debt was about $8 trillion. Today, it's almost $16 trillion. Another fun fact: we're all screwed.This is a smart, engagingly made documentary about the national debt, the political issue that will eventually outweigh and render trivial all others. I already knew most of the information presented by the film, but it was nice to see it all laid out nicely in one place like this. The film explains the size and nature of the public debt, the trade deficit, the savings shortage, and the lack of willingness of political leaders to really do anything about any of it. There are interviews with big names who actually know and care about this issue, including Ron Paul and Warren Buffet. The film also follows the efforts of the Concord Coalition, a heroic group of accountants trying to raise awareness of the problem, though with great difficulty. If you don't already know about the issue of the national debt, you should watch this movie (while bearing in mind that the movie is a few years old and the problems it describes are by now much worse). If you do already know something about it, you'll still find the movie a well-made, entertaining summary of the issue.

Lee G (fr) wrote: Here's a different kind of film, one about three different characters, whose lives do not connect in any meaningful way, but instead coexist, just as we all do on this Earth. There are mysteries about the story, some of which are left unexplained, and yet that didn't seem to really matter. I guess it's sometimes better to leave a story with a few questions at the end, rather than give us answers that don't sit right with the viewer. It's an oddly affecting film, and remains short and to the point.

Leigh B (es) wrote: I'm a big fan of Versus and enjoyed the insane action and the interesting set/costumes design, but yeah, this movie can't touch Versus with a 10' pole. Not bad though, but not great either. I was happy watching Tak Sakaguchi though ^^. What a silly guy.

Pablo G (it) wrote: A good suspense film with a twist and more to it than meets the eye. As well as it is made it does certainly feel too dumb and mayebe even pointless at times, as the necesity of some of the reveals can be questioned while other moments will amaze and schok the audience.

John V (au) wrote: [color=wheat]A simple movie with a small budget, but I liked it. [/color][color=wheat][/color][color=wheat]It's a feel good story. It's probably how many young soccer players went through. [/color][color=wheat][/color][color=wheat]It's a realistic story that shows how tough it can be with outside influences including peer pressure etc.[/color][color=wheat][/color][color=wheat]This talented soccer player already has one against him since he's working at a brewery and all his pals love to drink. On top of that he has a father who had failed as a soccer player and is poor because all his money goes to gambling and drinking.[/color][color=wheat][/color][color=wheat]His brother is the only one who is helping him stay on track somewhat.[/color][color=wheat][/color][color=wheat]You'll have to give this one a chance. But it's not easy to find in the US recorded for Region 1 play.[/color]

Faris A (ca) wrote: Interesting Concept - But I Didn't Feel Anything For The Main Character what so ever, probably because she's so in consistent of he she was.

Sherief A (ag) wrote: "I'm curious about their lives, even If they teach me nothing new. What if I'd met this young woman three years ago? Would she have caught my eye? Would I have fallen in love with her, wanted to have a child with her? I love the city, the suburbs and provinces depress me. Despite the crush and the noise, I never tire of plunging into the crowd. I love the crowd as I love the sea, not to be engulfed or lost in it, but to sail on it like a solitary pirate, content to be carried by the current yet strike out on my own the moment it breaks or dissipates. Like the sea, a crowd is invigorating to my wandering mind, almost all my ideas come to me in the street."

Bill T (es) wrote: Nice little mystery here, with plenty of red herrings to keep the whodunit alive throughout it's running time. Holmes and Watson's meeting at the "Royal Canadian Occult Society" (which is like the greatest sounding thing ever) is interrupted by the death of the wife of the organizer. They decide to stay in town (called amazingly, La Morte Rouge) and figure out what's going on, soon, garden rakes, phospherous suits and yes, fur trappers come into play and it's all very strange and entertaining. "Quebec" is used more like a city and less like a province, and there's a wee bit of Canadian independence bashing at the end, which is very odd.

Daniel J (ca) wrote: This romantic film was okay, it wasn't bad either it just didn't do it for me. 2 stars is enough!

Andrew G (ca) wrote: The first decent slasher flick to come along in a while. Fun premise, creepy villain, loads of T&A - what more could you ask for?

Steven C (br) wrote: I'm a bit confused as to why "Playing By Heart" has faded into oblivion since it debuted in 1998. First off, the cast is impeccable. "Playing By Heart" should be remembered for getting some of contemporary cinema's finest actors on screen together. Gillian Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Madeleine Stowe, Ellen Burstyn, Sean Connery, Anthony Edwards, Dennis Quaid, Gena Rowlands, Ryan Phillippe, Jay Mohr and Jon Stewart (yes, THAT Jon Stewart, who is shockingly great here) are all terrific. There is not a single weak spot in the ensemble. What's funny is that the actors are all so good that it almost seems like they are daring each other to top the next. Jolie, in an early performance, steals the whole picture, though. If this was not a showcase for what was to come, I don't know what is. The story is something we have seen before, mostly from the likes of Robert Altman, but none of it is ever trite or offensive. It's all played out with such grace and nuance that even it's somewhat conventional ending is welcomed. If you like movies about a group of interconnected people working through their lives and dealing with love and making connections (admittedly my favorite genre), then "Playing By Heart" is for you. I also recommend it on the merits of that incredible cast and the endlessly enticing dialogue. It all makes for a magical, resonant and sweet picture about the many sides of love.

Mark B (nl) wrote: The curiosity of "can the next scene be worse than this one?" carries one through this rambling, bumbling brainfart of a film. Only my love of Lee Marvin allowed me to make it to the credits. Beware.

Devon B (br) wrote: Harold Lloyd's final silent feature offers a glimpse at New York City dating back to the 1920s. Lloyd plays an aimless young man who goes from job to job (some misfortune always strikes, causing his unemployment), while working towards the opportunity to marry his girlfriend. His girlfriend's granddad is the owner of the city's last horse-drawn trolley car, although recently there have been attempts to buy him out. The movie has a fairly standard plot for a silent film: the hero saving the girl and her family's farm/business from the evil banker, but Lloyd brings his own unique perspective to it. Highlights include a trip to Coney Island's "Luna Park" (closed now since 1944), a trolley car chase through old Manhattan, and of course the appearance of baseball legend Babe Ruth. A movie visit to Coney island wouldn't be this enchanting again until "The Little Fugitive". "The Witching Waves" were particularly interesting (how'd they get the floor to do that?), and I enjoyed Lloyd's interation with the stray dog that follows him about Luna Park. Cute and fun.