Kaadu Kudure

Kaadu Kudure

Huligonda must break a wild horse belonging to the father of the girl he loves as a condition of marriage but is tricked into marrying her ugly sister.

Huligonda must break a wild horse belonging to the father of the girl he loves as a condition of marriage but is tricked into marrying her ugly sister. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roland M (fr) wrote: It worked for me, as a normal enjoyable film. I really like some of the moments they had captured. Maybe i get why the rating's down, i do. But maybe the Steve they have was way too interesting for me to mind those flaws they had pointed out.

Pamela D (jp) wrote: AEGRI SOMNIA (2008), IndependentWRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: James RewuckiFEATURING: Tyhr Trubiak, Mel Marginet, Warren Louis Wiltshire, Nadine Pinette, Daryl Dorge, Johnny Marlow GENRE: HORRORTAGS: psychological thriller, puzzlerRATING: 7 PINTS OF BLOODPLOT: A man is hounded by his peculiar friends and haunted by disturbing visions in this stylish, formalist horror thriller.COMMENTS: Light on plot, heavy on atmosphere, Aegri Somnia, which means literally, a sick man's dreams, is an offbeat, optically stunning, independent effort by Winnipeg director James Rewucki. Effective, yet foreboding and almost visually overpowering in the way it pours across the screen like the gush of a blood bucket accidentally kicked over onto a canvas, Rewuckie describes the film as being an existential arthouse horror movie. Fans of German expressionist filmmaking will draw comparisons to Nosferatu and The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari. David Lynch enthusiasts will immediately be reminded of Eraserhead.In the story, Edgar (Trubiak) is a simple man, cowed by his surroundings, scared of his own shadow, seemingly terrified by ... life itself! Edgar is hostage to a morbid, crippling anxiety. In Egar's outlook, the very world seems a giant machine which seeks to grind up Edgar in its gears and mash him beneath its wheels, to consume and obliterate him.Edgar just wants to be left alone, to go to work and come home to seek the refuge of a peaceful evening in the security of his own domestic surroundings. But it's not to be. Edgar's coworkers, who seem normal on the surface, reveal themselves to be creeps; quiet lunatics who either marginalize Victor, or manipulate and victimize him in the course of bizarre exploits. Edgar's wife is a hostile nag, his boss is verbally abusive, and everyone around Edgar tries to draw him into unpleasant, precarious situations.When Edgar's shrewish wife prepares a nice supper for him, unfairly berates him, then kills herself in the bathtub, Edgar is plunged into a waking nightmare of heightened anxiety, loneliness and frightening what-if's?"Edgar falls captive to malignant visions. In the shadows, unsettling shapes are lurking, and from them, dreadful whispers emanate. Edgar's acquaintances cryptically speak in code and symbolic double entendre, alluding to .. what? Something awful. At night, monsters visit Edgar in sickening nightmares. Why?What is happening to Edgar? He has somehow managed to crack open a door between this world, and some twisted, alternate dimension of the next. It's a dreadful door that should have remained shut. Can Edgar find a way to close it again? Or will this new, loathsome reality continue to envelop Edgar until it swallows him up?Aegri Somnia is an optically engrossing bit of modern art, and it bears obvious influences from other films. Plot-wise, it's an odyssey, in a similar vein to Carnival Of Souls (1962), but there's dialogue, and more twists and turns. Like Darren Aronofsky's Pi (1998), it's a surrealistic story about a man struggling to keep his sanity. A final plot twist is right out of Angel Heart (1987).Aegri Somnia is captured in black and white with periodic dramatic accents of crimson. Color sequences chronicle Edgar's hallucinatory nightmares. The movie is filmed in a gritty, plodding, semi-documentary style, as if the camera is an appalled, mute witness. The resulting effect is strikingly reminiscent of David Lynch's Eraserhead (1977). Edgar's entrapment among hellish creatures of abomination reminds us of In The Mouth Of Madness (1994). The digital special effect of rapid head-shaking is prominent throughout the film. We first saw this in Jacob's Ladder (1990), and since in fare such as the remake of House On Haunted Hill (1999).Many movies openly sport such borrowed elements en masse, and too often they amount to little more than pasted together fragments of better films. Significantly, this isn't the case with Aegri Somnia! Director James Rewucki concedes his cinematic influences. And it's true that Aegri Somnia says nothing profound. It's a visual exposition. Yet Rewucki imaginatively employs well-worn conventions and techniques to produce a memorable horror movie which feels fresh despite it's derivative roots. And it's so visually dramatic!Aegri Somnia is unusual, disturbing, grotesque, and genuinely arty. Unsettling characters, eerie settings, and oddball events provide a bizarre experience akin to riding through some gruesome funhouse. But we don't dare step out of the carriage until the end. We want to see where the ride takes us. Imaginative frames and images persist in the mind's eye like negative aftervision, long after the tab of the final film strand disengages and flap-flap-flaps against the empty reel.I give Aegri Somnia three pints of blood for its story, which I subtract from ten for its visual impact. So overall, 7 PINTS OF BLOOD.

Russell W (au) wrote: Patchy script, patchy acting, banal directing. Wide of the target. Don't bother

Walter M (us) wrote: In "Lay the Favorite," Beth(Rebecca Hall) figures it is time to get out of the private dancing business when the customers start to get creepy. So, seeking a change of scenery, she moves to Las Vegas to become a cocktail waitress. Except it is not that easy. But through Holly(Laura Prepon), she learns that Dink(Bruce Willis) is hiring for his gambling business. Not only does he hire Beth but Dink takes a real liking to her which sort of does not sit well with his wife Tulip(Catherine Zeta-Jones). "Lay the Favorite" proves the old adage that any movie that has more of Vince Vaughn than Wendell Pierce is in serious trouble. That's actually the least of this lackuster movie's problems because maybe there could have been a decent movie made about these real life gamblers but this is not it. As much a rut as director Stephen Frears has been in lately("Philomena" succeeded mostly due to the quality of its performances), his work could never be described as slap dash until now, as this movie definitely feels rushed with a definite lack of singular direction. At least, Rebecca Hall is a joy being cast supremely against type while also sharing rapport with Catherine Zeta-Jones in their scenes together.

Samuel R (nl) wrote: I truly appreciated this movie, all tough I find some scenes to be difficult to believe, like the part where they where at the bar and met two ladies who would just hung around all night with a 16 year old and his uncle. But still, it's a movie I guess anything can happen. I liked the fact that they let the viewer set their own moral for the story,

Jeff S (es) wrote: I didn't have very high expectations for this film, but I actually enjoyed it. It was funny at times. It started and ended with classic pots songs, for no reason. These songs didn't fit into the film at all, its as if they just said "Well the movie is about pot so don't we need some songs about pot?" You can tell how Ryan Philippe was and how he probably hadn't done many other movies before that.

Joey F (nl) wrote: a wonderful and witty mock-u-mentary about hollywood. tons of great cameos.

Adam L (mx) wrote: From the sadists who brought you "The Untold Story" (1993), "Raped by an Angel" (1993), and "Legendary Couple" (1995) -- that in and of itself should have spelled the permanent grounding of the sun -- "Ebola Syndrome" somehow manages to ratchet-up its predecessors' depravity quotient to the point most of us pray the twain shall never meet again. Yet as indefensible as Chau Ting's script is admittedly this is a somewhat entertaining exercise in so-called shocksploitation that owes its best moments to unintentional humor with over-the-top performances and shoddy artisanship often working in unison to undercut the film's otherwise off-color disposition.

Shane Z (fr) wrote: A flat and mediocre sequel to 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids'. Originally, this wasn't even suppose to be a sequel, which that would of been a smart idea.Instead, Disney wanted to take a chance and make sequel to a surprise hit as some kind of quality, but No. I thought Honey I Shrunk the Kids was a now decent but still entertaining, but "Blew up the Kid" is not decent nor entertaining essentially.

Brian R (de) wrote: This is a great holiday cartoon for the family 5 stars


Justin F (au) wrote: It took me three viewings of this movie to realize the scope of what it is trying to say and what it is saying.This movie is a masterwork of Martial Arts choreography and wire-work, cinematography, color scheming, political commentary, theme building, character development, and narritive. All of those things by themselves can make a great movie but in this movie they are used in conjunction so brilliantly that they bring the film to the highest level of achievement. This movie is beautiful, puzzling, heartbreaking, and challenging. Watch this movie. If it doesn't make sense, wait a year or two, watch it again. Then wait another few years and watch it again.

Steve D (kr) wrote: Forgettable and boring

Karen G (fr) wrote: The untold story of the beginning of PT boats in WWII. If THe DUke is in a movie I like it. What more can I say. He plays an under star role in this to Bob Montgomery.

Jamie D (au) wrote: Still entertaining, but not as good as the original, Beneath is still a decent movie

Tyler S (us) wrote: A decent little film that is just as the title says; a death race. Somehow Joan Allen lended her talents to the screen so there is some credibility to be had here.The movie is about cons who have a chance for survival with the ultimate race...A violent race that puts the drivers against each other with the last one standing the winner.There are some good driving scenes and Statham yet again is a bad ass behind the wheel.It's very violent but good popcorn fun.

JeanAntoine B (ca) wrote: What a masterpiece! The acting was so amazing as it was from Jared Leto, Jennifer Connely and especially Ellen Burstyn. I just loved it! The emotions were so strong in it and it was so realistic! The music suited perfectly to the movie. I think this movie could even be a great prevention against drugs as we see how a couple gets destroyed, how a mother keeps living in her dark crazy world obsessed by the idea of being a TV star and finally how a lonely guy who is fighting for his life found himself devastated by drugs all around him. So it was really a great work by Darren Aronofsky.I really enjoy his movies in the way he insists on the psychological aspects of the protagonists.

Briana P (nl) wrote: IntroductionThis movie is a darker one compared to other movies talking about teens, but that makes it all the better. It is great in showing real problems in life such as love, loss, friendship and growing up. Perks doesn't just focus on one teen either. It shows different problems with all the characters. It deals with depression, a haunting past and follows the troubles of a gay relationship. The role of friendship plays a big part in how all of the characters come to accept most things about themselves. I also liked that this was a successful movie where the director was also the author of the book. So that means that the movie was close to what the actual book was like.Summary The Perks of Being a Wallflower is about a 15-year-old boy named Charlie. Charlie is dealing with the suicide of his friend. He also deals with things such as shyness and anxiety. Throughout the movie Charlie overcomes some of his shyness and meets his two best friends, Patrick and Sam. By meeting them he becomes a totally different person that he was. He experiences a lot of firsts in his life. His family life is stable, but they do have their problems. At the end we learn of a past action that affected Charlie and made him who he was. It changed the way everyone saw and perceived him. At the end of the movie Charlie learns new things about his mental health and how to deal with it. He also leaves us with a new sense of hope about his future and those around him. Scoring System The scoring system for this review will be 1-6 stars. 1 being the worst and 6 being the best. I will be scoring each category individually and then at the end I will give it an overall score.Music: 6 Music played a big part in this movie because it was how Charlie and a lot of the other characters would express themselves. It was really popular to show how they were feeling using mixtapes. The music that was chosen was relevant and was known to most people so they could relate to it while watching the movie. Also there was a point in the movie where there was a song that was connected with one of the relationships in the movie so it was important to them too. Song playlist for the movieActors: 5 The actors chosen for the movie I think was good for the most part. The three main ones who were portrayed by Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller played their parts perfectly. Emma Watson played Sam with so much emotion throughout the whole performance that it could be said that it has been her best so far. Within the first few minutes of the movie we could see that Lerman was perfect for the part of Charlie. I rated it only a 5 because there were a few actors and actresses that I felt weren't right for the part. The role such as Mary Elizabeth who was played by Mae Whitman could have been better. But overall I think that it was a great cast. Logan Lerman as Charlie Emma Watson as SamCharacters: 4The characters in the movie could be compared to the ones in the book. Even though the author of the book was also the director I feel as if the characters were different in each one. The book I felt was more detailed about them and their problems. The movie could have gone a little deeper with them all and gave them a little something more. Even though they were a little vague as far as what the character could have been they were still good and all had a great message to show. Plot: 6 The plot for this movie was great. It gave everyone a sense of what goes on through a teenager's life: spoken and unspoken. It gave insight on different types of problems that a young adult could have and how to deal with them. It's hard to find a movie that discusses these problems and still seem interesting. At the end is when it gets interesting with a plot twist that shocks everyone involved. The movie keeps us on our toes with everything that the characters have to go through. We get to see how it effects each of them and how they deal with their problems and also keeping up with friends and school.Conclusion Overall I would give this movie a 5.5 out of 6. This movie is one of the best ones I have seen so far. It really touches everyone who watches in a good way. It teaches everyone a lesson by the end on how to cope with their problems and also how to help. Even with the "bad" things in it I would still recommend this movie to anyone who will listen.