Kaagaz Ki Nao

Kaagaz Ki Nao

A social drama, it tackles the contradictions prevalent in society. Kumar, a respectable wealthy man to the outside world, in fact leads a life of debauchery. His son is just the contrary to his father. In the clash of the paths, the boy makes his father confess to his crimes. The boy, has a happy re-union with his mother, whom he considered all along to be dead.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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A social drama, it tackles the contradictions prevalent in society. Kumar, a respectable wealthy man to the outside world, in fact leads a life of debauchery. His son is just the contrary ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kaagaz Ki Nao torrent reviews

Private U (fr) wrote: watchable. cute. wouldn't watch it twice.

Thomas T (ru) wrote: I feel the need to defend this film from ridiculous criticism. Some have criticized this for being unoriginal, for being bland, for being emotionless. And I understand where that is coming from. This movie certainly is not everyone's cup of tea.This film seems to be getting a lot of unfair criticism simply for sharing characteristics with action films. It seems to be a victim of genre fatigue. The same fatigue affecting Resident Evil, Underworld, and Jupiter Ascending.As for Aaron Eckhart, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out if the emotionless nature of a character is the fault of the actor, director, or just the intended nature of the character. In I, Frankenstein, it seems to be intentional and I feel like this doesn't hurt the character considering his origins and typical portrayals. Nobody should have been expecting to see an emotional Frankenstein.As for the movie out of context of it's criticism, I found the action to be entertaining, the characters slightly less compelling than they should have been, the villain to be typical, but still effective, the effects to be impressive, the tone to be fitting, the internal politics to be interesting, the mythology to be a little mediocre, and the streets of Paris to be inexplicably empty.

Carlos M (ca) wrote: Although enjoyable, this sequel adopts a more serious tone and grants the main character a tragic nuance, which unfortunately turns the movie into a less gratifying experience, since what made the first so great was its sarcastic human hero who never seemed to care about others.

Jose M (br) wrote: one of the best directors and one of the greatest rock n roll bands ever! What else can you expect? Seeing the Rolling Stones through the eyes of director Martin Scorsese. We don't spend too much on the set up. There are several old interviews and extras. Shine a Light is an awesome film even if your no fan.

Well A (br) wrote: Marc Forster mostra por que um dos realizadores mais sensveis e inteligentes em atividade. Winslet e Depp esto competentes como sempre, mas Freddie Highmore que rouba a cena. Um filme muito bonito.

Rebecca H (br) wrote: One of those refreshingly smart teen flicks, this film is all style and snappy dialogue, with a surprisingly honest ending for once. The characters are a hoot too, with nerdy romantic hero and the girl who accidentally turns herself into her perfect man, with usual mix of the sexes humour. But the villains are ridiculous. And the plot gets lost when it reintroduces the female hero. Justine turns herself into a man (Jake) due to a freak accident, fine. But when it turns out there is still a female Justine wandering around, oblivious to the existence of her alter ego, suddenly the film dips in intelligence and confuses who the film is supposed to focus on. Justine loses any personality she had and fancies Jake, Jake, despite being her, gets erections over women and is ultimately doomed to non-existence, which is lame and obvious. When Justine and Jake interact, it's all schmaltz. It's just another teen-wants-to-lose-virginity-for-sake-of-losing-virginity-can-they-stop-her-in-time plot which must have been done in every film that's featured a teenage girl, ever. And the villains are just so hackneyed, sheesh, what film did they wander in from? Jake works as a lead, with nerdy Chas as support, and that film might have been worth watching, but this is the dull-Justine ride, another teen sex comedy, and it's not worth it. If only they'd stuck to the body swap idea, it could have been great. Well, for a teen flick, anyway.

Sapphire G (it) wrote: The movie looks very nice: the lighting is competent, the costumes are pretty, the leads are both attractive. Jake Weber's brief performance as the king of France is also noteworthy. The rest of the performances are amateurish at best. Or maybe it was just the awful material. Weak script, underdeveloped/unconvincing events. The dialogue made me cringe more than once, especially those grand statements during the trial scene. How anyone can write, let alone deliver, those lines with a straight face escapes me. I've never read Veronica Franco's work, but what is delivered as her poetry can't possibly be the work of a published author. And to boot, a high fructose corn syrup musical score. The title is also quite something...Dangerous Beauty...really? Not much thought into any of this huh..


Blais E (ru) wrote: The incredible and definitive screen treatment of H G Wells's classic sc-fi tale, with Stop-Motion Animating Master Ray Harryhausen's customarily-splendid effects taking center stage. Two Victorian adventurers embark on an exciting trip to the moon and encounter an intelligent, insect-like civilization there upon their arrival, and eventually are exposed to the inner workings of their bizarre yet intriguing society as well as fend off attacks from the enormous "Moon-Calfs", gargantuan and rapacious Caterpillar-like monstrosities. Featuring breath-taking visuals and superb performances by the small cast, especially wiry Lionel Jeffries as the madcap Professor Cavor, and Martha Hyer as the highstrung stowaway-fiancee of the younger space traveler (Edward Judd). Supremely enjoyable entertainment.

Jose V (it) wrote: i want 2 see the movie

bill s (ag) wrote: Not the story some wanted to see but as a popcorn buddy cop story with a twist it does work.