The Munim (Clerk) in Ranimaa's family lives with his son, Kaushal and daughter, Madhavi. After he passes away, Ranimaa brings up both children as her own, along with her only son, Rajesh. Years later, Rajesh has grown up and is of marriageable age. He meets with beautiful Bhanu Saxena and both fall in love with each other. Shortly thereafter, in a boating accident, Kaushal passes away, leaving behind a devastated Madhavi, Rajesh, who blames himself for his death, and Ranimaa. A few months later, Rajesh gets married to Bhanu and she moves in with them. Bhanu dislikes Madhavi and would like her out of the way, she goes to the extent of accusing her of having an affair with her husband.

The Munim (Clerk) in Ranimaa's family lives with his son, Kaushal and daughter, Madhavi. After he passes away, Ranimaa brings up both children as her own, along with her only son, Rajesh. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kaajal torrent reviews

Shaun S (kr) wrote: A very boring film. nothing more to say

Rhys T (kr) wrote: really great film I am sad I never got to go to the original land of punk rock

Stefan G (ru) wrote: Intended as a tribute to grindhouse cinema, this is a film that set itself up to be repulsive in every way possible, and while its defenders will say "that's the point", this ultimately proves to be what brings the film down. Being that this is a grindhouse action film, the writing takes a backseat to vicious, drawn out scenes of lurid gore and rampant immorality. The film's plot is essentially one random act of depraved, psychotic violence after another, and on and on it goes until the end. Personally, I fail to see how anyone can find any enjoyment in a film that parades its lunatic violence, which, far from fulfilling the artistic potential it had hoped to, just keeps getting so much more atrocious each time that it's increasingly more obvious that it's all just there for shock value. This would have been so much better as a comedy film rather than a splatterhouse film. As for the characters, there's barely any character to speak of, not with one-dimensional cookie-cutter personalities, and over-the-top acting that's somehow too creepy to even be considered hammy. At the very least this film looks the part that it was intended to play, but that's literally it. Even the action scenes are just as hollow as the plot. It's basically just extreme gore that, thankfully, doesn't qualify as a snuff film. Either way, it leaves a very foul taste, if not in the mouth then in the chest, and if not in the chest then in the soul. All the violence, brutality and iniquity are the signs of the truly talentless film-maker as he drowns in his own terrible mediocrity, dragging his film down into the bog with him.


Jean X (us) wrote: Somewhat "like" a Japanese version of Interview with a Vampire. Japanese culture, japanese setting, wasnt that bad actually.

Aylin T (it) wrote: I believe this is my life story!

Aj V (ru) wrote: Another animal and kid movie, just as stupid as the rest, but it'll entertain the kids.

M C (gb) wrote: For a 1980s movie night of the demons is very scary film, but it has a lot of annoying tropes. It's one of those movie with a few of those completely helpless characters that are just annoying to watch. This usually isn't that hard to get over in a movie, but here it was just hilariously dumb. Also a few of the actors are just atrocious, and the writing can be pretty bad at times. The worst acting comes from two of the female main characters (you will know who I'm talking about when you watch the movie) and they are bad. Really bad. But not all of the acting is bad. William Gollo and Amilia Kinkade both gave great performances. This has got to be one of the scariest 80s film I've seems. The makeup is great, the backstory is great, and the direction is exceptional. The weird occult atmosphere of the film works very well and creates a menacing felling for most of the film. This one feels way ahead of its time, and if you overlook some of the flaws you can have a great time with it, but there's a bit to much to work on for me to give it a great score. 70/100

Panos M (de) wrote: Unexpectedly pleasant.

arya s (fr) wrote: Okay this movie is definitely dated, with sexist ideas abounding throughout, but when taken at face value and within context, it's a relatively entertaining film.