Kaakha..Kaakha: The Police

Kaakha..Kaakha: The Police

After a police team kills his brother, a drug-dealing gangster vows to kill the entire team and their respective families.

After a police team kills his brother, a drug-dealing gangster vows to kill the entire team and their respective families. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yoonki C (jp) wrote: Blair Witch, from the creators of You're Next and the more recent The Guest. This film is the official sequel to the original The Blair Witch Project. Unfortunately, this is mostly a rehash of the original that was far more memorable. It does have it's representative found-footage gimmick. Also, the film has a substantial amounts of falls jump scares that lowers the film and gives a striking damage. Nothing very memorable, just the same blend of ingredients inspired by the original made in this recent time. While it does feel like a rehash, it does have some handful of effective scares and twists towards the end, that extends of the original film. The last 15 minutes does exceed the expectations and the originality of this film.

Andrew M (jp) wrote: "Puncture" is a well balanced drama. Chris Evans gives a tremendous performance as a drugged up lawyer. The rest of the cast and the writing is good enough to make this a very good independent film.

Tishka F (us) wrote: An interesting story with a few touching moments but couldn't seem to close.


Adam F (de) wrote: "Just Visiting" has it's share of laughs but there aren't enough of them and the thin characters turn this into a forgettable comedy. The changes made to turn this from a French comedy into an American one are obvious even if you have not seen the original film and are distracting. The basic set up is that we get a 12th century medieval noble and his buffoonish servant sent forward in time where they meet the nobleman's descendants and hilarity ensues due to the "fish out of water" scenarios that are inevitable. There are parts in the movie that are just weird and they'll puzzle you until you realize that they are inserted so the American setting can make sense. For example, the two protagonists live in France in their native time, but are transported to America in the present... because a portion of their castle has been moved to a museum in the U.S.? The movie doesn't feel like it uses this premise to its full potential; we don't get any clever comparisons between Chicago city dwellers and medieval French peasants or any new, memorable characters. It feels like these 12th century travellers are just confronting generic 21st century people. The character "Hunter" is a paper-thin villain and from the beginning the movie makes it blatantly obvious that he is a weasel that we are supposed to dislike and that is going to get his come-uppance eventually instead of trying to build a real antagonist for our travellers. The film just feels like it's playing it too safe, as if a more daring comedy is just underneath the surface but the director and writers didn't think the film needed more than the obvious time travel jokes and bare minimum when it came to the characters. The film will get some decent laughs out, particularly courtesy of Jean Reno and Christian Clavier who are both good but even if you haven't seen the original you'll realize that this isn't anything special. (Dvd, October22, 2012)

Stuart M (jp) wrote: Netflix described this as a comedy. Nothing could be further from the truth. There were some amusing lines, but mostly it was a sad story of a Pakistani immigrant whose son takes up fundamental religion, while his father gets more and more attracted to a prostitute. The second theme was so unlikely as to make the film unbelievable. Forget it.

Chris C (ca) wrote: Based on the novel. Good but not great. However, the soundtrack by the legendary Canadian group the Rheostatics is a masterpiece.

Joshua B (kr) wrote: Surprisingly watchable "Vacation to Paradise gone awry" thriller. Interesting twist in that the bad guys aren't who you think they are. Timothy Olyphant was good in this. Not something you'd watch more than once, but decent entertainment. Nothing cutting-edge here but good for an evening.

Andre R (kr) wrote: Beautifully made, highly emotional. Let out a tear or two.

Brett A (ag) wrote: This is the strangest movie ever, really inspired by chemicals I think. But kind of fun.

Jennifer J (ca) wrote: Great movie!! Love Jim Caviezel....he is awesome!

Henrik S (au) wrote: A good-hearted and jolly romp that is great for kids and adults in case you fancy balming your achy soul with some old school Disney famly film love. A great mixture of spookiness, pirates and dear old ladies makes this great fun and a forgotten classics. Ustinov does a great job and you can tell that he has lots of fun playing the role. It is always a pleasure to see the eerie queen Elsa Lancaster talking about curses and ghosts, a true inside joke for film fans. Dean Jones is a tad colourless but then again, so many leading men in Disney films are. Good one.

William L (jp) wrote: as much patience as u need for kore-eda hirokazu, this masterpiece starts off with a clear enough setting where u want to follow along what happen to all characters thru out the 7-days journey. well, i walked out the theatre feeling calm & having warmth at the same time.