Kaala Patthar

Kaala Patthar

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Being branded a coward for abandoning his ship full of over 300 passengers. Captain Vijay Pal Singh, is discharged from duty, humiliated by society and disowned by his parents. Feeling ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessie V (br) wrote: The special effects were oh so very very...well, special. This movie let me create something new to yell during a movie..."Cook the dead!" Thanks guy who turns to cannibalism 48 hours into a disaster, aka: Raven.

Sasha T (gb) wrote: Intelligent TV movie.

Christopher H (kr) wrote: "Flashbacks of a Fool" is simple and thoughtful, with Daniel Craig bringing a sophistication to his role. Despite being immersed in a rather basic coming-of-age plot, Harry Eden is catapulted into a much more dramatic role with help from Olivia Williams, Felicity Jones, and Jodhi May, who all deliver memorable performances, making Eden come off as a stronger actor. With its raw nature and fine-tuned story, this drama delivers more than expected.

Joey M (ru) wrote: I loved it. William Miller good as always.

Michael P (nl) wrote: An excellent insight into the horrors of war and the nature of parental love.

Shane D (mx) wrote: Holy incest! Fun for the whole family. It may be one of the most twisted things I've ever seen, and believe me, I've seen some pretty twisted shit.

aero r (jp) wrote: A solid story elevated by great performances. Jolie shines the most here while Ryder manages to give another knockout performance. The film succeeds the most by showing us the relationships between the girls.

Alastair F (ca) wrote: really superb - Link is a great film maker and story teller - Testud is superb - a quite beautiful film

Grayson D (nl) wrote: Above average and tense thriller.

Michael A (it) wrote: The most underrated movie ever? Possibly

Scott W (gb) wrote: An array of model tanks,toy planes, stock footage and hysterical Japanese actors face off against a man in a rubber Godzilla suit with some spikes stuck on it, all with the acompaniment of an all too serious soundtrack.

Ryan P (jp) wrote: One of those ''you have to be in the mood to see it'' kind of films. It's a experimental documentary that is very unconventional. There is no plot. There are no characters. The only constant that can be said about the film is, as the title may suggest, the man with a movie camera, who shows up from time to time throughout the movie. All that the movie basically does is show urban life in Odessa and other Soviet cities... and it shows it using a wide variety of neat techniques. Wikipedia: ''This film is famous for the range of cinematic techniques Vertov invents, deploys or develops, such as double exposure, fast motion, slow motion, freeze frames, jump cuts, split screens, Dutch angles, extreme close-ups, tracking shots, footage played backwards, stop motion animations and a self-reflexive style (at one point it features a split screen tracking shot; the sides have opposite Dutch angles).''Damn. It really is a lot of techniques for a movie made in 1929, and this is why it was ranked #8 on the 2012 Sight and Sound poll of greatest movies ever made. A quintessential film for anyone planning to enter the film-making industry. Now, if you've read this far, I may have made the movie sound rather dull, which isn't exactly the case. Like I said before, you have to be in the ''mood'' for it. I was, I think. For me, entertainment value lies somewhere in the middle range. It was enjoyable, but very pointless, and for the most part, forgettable. I would not wish to see it again.

Evan K (kr) wrote: Pretty much on par with the first film in terms of quality, but you can definitely tell the increased confidence in the storytelling and acting moving forward and going on eventually to set up the following editions.

Don S (fr) wrote: A gangster movie only peripherally about the mob. This pointless "dark comedy" has some good performances and some wonderfully shot violent scenes, but seems more intent on hitting you over the head with its message of economic doldrums and how they are handled "in the family" than telling a good story and entertaining. Yet somehow, the critics loved it. Go figure.

Tatan B (au) wrote: Ignore all the plot holes, sketchy dialouge, and all that critical BS and you'll be watchin one pretty sweet movie. Thank you for doing this film Joe Pesci, thank you.

Isaac S (it) wrote: The point of this movie is not that it is daring. It is not a film that intends to correct politics, but rather the view of human morals and the transgression of debate to the commoner as an argument of feeling, not logic. This film encourages thought on the self somewhat well and is not setting out to please the viewer with exuberant or massive story elements. It is wise in the same way Goodnight and Good Luck is.