Animesh Mitra is simpleton who arrives at Calcutta from Jalpaiguri, during hostile times (1967), to study at the Scottish Church College. He is scheduled to take refuge at the residence of his father’s friend Mr. Debabrata, but he accidentally gets shot in the limb and ends up at the Calcutta Medical College. Eventually things move on and Animesh develops a deep friendship with Debabrata’s daughter Neela. He takes admission in the B.A classes of Scottish Church College on Bengali Literature and ultimately becomes intertwined with the unresting times of the youth intellect.

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Kaalbela torrent reviews

Kashfia F (ag) wrote: Only the music was somewhat tolerable...bleccch!

Sabena A (es) wrote: I was expecting a lot form this movie as first instalment of this series was just awesome, unfortunately this one fails to impress, it felt longer and boring, acting was average and music was not something that great. This one is a easily missable movie of 2013.

Malin N (jp) wrote: ganska rolig.. men inte s bra.. mest fart, inte s stark handling.. f frklaringar till varfr saker r som de r.. :s

Frit F (mx) wrote: Powerful & Tragic. This is an underrated film that deserves much more praise than it has. Another masterpiece from Director Sam Mendes.

Chris C (jp) wrote: Wow. I had heard of Darger before, but seeing this documentary that literally brings to life his artwork/novel... was almost overwhelming. It was bizarre, heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time.

Adam R (fr) wrote: (First and only full viewing - 2/14/2011)

Joey J (us) wrote: Classic Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Clarissa S (gb) wrote: haven't seen it for many, many years - but thought it used to be funny...

Greg W (nl) wrote: good chop-sokky actioner

Harim K (fr) wrote: a lighthearted war movie involving a pink submarine and a bunch of women's undergarments

Adam R (ru) wrote: One heck of an adventure film. I like it even better than Davy Crockett: King Of The Wild Frontier. The addition of Jeff York as Mike Fink is awesome, and rounds out an all-star trio with Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen. (First viewing - Summer 2009)

Ryan M (de) wrote: Cute film with way too much of Jason Segal's front. Ick!

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