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Kaaran torrent reviews

Liam H (us) wrote: This is a good movie the first time round. However it would be unlikely I would watch this film again. Even although I gave it a high score the movie actually falls down in a few areas. I gave my high score mainly because it had a lot of ingenuity and original ideas. There were things on show I have'nt seen anywhere else and that deserves credit. However it is very complex for what is essentially a childrens film. I dont think young kids would be able to appreciate this movie maybe if you were 11 or older. The plot is convoluted and falls down in a few areas. Also the pacing is quite slow and it takes a while to get where it is going. However it is interesting, entertaining, unique, magical, original and that does deserve some recognition.

Donielle (de) wrote: jyjyf4tryuvyjbth7hyblpplllliiku I

Agustn S (br) wrote: Managing to be heartwarming without forgetting to be honest is About Time's strongest asset. With some strong performances, an uncommonly interesting premise despite being a romantic comedy and and overall uplifting atmosphere, Richard Curtis's time traveling drama is a charming, smart and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Anthony A (us) wrote: A very intelligently written film that clumsily ties its political undertones with overt exertion.

Ashley H (us) wrote: Inhale is an okay film. It is about a couple who goes to dangerous lengths to find a lung donor for their daughter. Diane Kruger and Dermot Mulroney give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. Baltsar Kormakur did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama and mystery.

Erick F (ca) wrote: I have no idea how this movie got such a low score on here. It is a fantastic movie. Really subtle, and poetic. Javier Bardem pretty much kills every scene. Inarritu is also fantastic. This is such a different movie than Birdman, I have to give it respect. Good Concept, Great execution. Watch it!

Tino R (br) wrote: Good movie to watch if you are a Guy Pierce fan.

Francisco Q (us) wrote: One of the best movies of the 90's, "Trainspotting" is subversive, hilarious in some moments, eletric and, the most important, different. Ewan McGregor gives a career-defining performance in this movie, which hold one of the best non-original soundtracks of all time and still is considered a huge classic and one of the best movies about drugs ever!

Mike W (fr) wrote: Great football movie with brothers as coaches competing against each other.

Thomas P (fr) wrote: Tati oozes originality.

Walter S (nl) wrote: The movie seems to have a stunning visual style that seems to be lacking in the studio's later vehicles...

Sunil J (de) wrote: Starts off slow but it's pretty great. I always love the Professor Moriarty mysteries because you know Holmes is going to have at least 2 great disguises and I wasn't disappointed.

Phoebe C (de) wrote: Plan B is so talented, he wrote this so perfectly, and it was very impactful.

Danielle C (de) wrote: It was gud but I expected beta !!

Joleene N (br) wrote: what happened to the mother's boyfriend? why does no one care? otherwise a good flick.