A Bollywood actor-turned-producer faces marital and financial challenges.

A Bollywood actor-turned-producer faces marital and financial challenges. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


'Kaash' torrent reviews

Mattias E (au) wrote: With an obviously rushed production as this, Love For All seasons can hardly measure up to previous Johnnie To/Sammi Cheng lunar new year-collabos, in spite of it having all the requirements to succeed. The screenplay has the usual Wai Ka Fai signature spiritual angle, and he also finds a way to fit some of his unmistakeable social critique of modern Hong Kong life into the mess, but somehow it all fails to translate onto the screen. The most alienating feature of Love For All Seasons is no doubt acting related. The usually reliable Louis Koo, who can handle both serious drama and outrageous comedy equally well, simply mugs his way through the picture, while Sammi Cheng seems completely detatched from her character.

John Michael P (kr) wrote: possibly one of the worst films ever made. You must see it. Classic. Flesh eating critters+excessive nudity+horrible acting=instant classic.

John B (nl) wrote: "If you liked Wayne's World, you'll love Encino Man!" Not sure I agree with the tagline for the movie, but Encino Man sure managed to entertain me with it's silly, goofy plot-line that includes Sean Astin, Brendon Fraser & Pauly Shore who surprisingly is less aggravating in this one than Bio-Dumb.

Ethan P (ag) wrote: A classic, heartbreaking film about a charismatic, adventurous man whose untameable spirit breathes life into the fellow prisoners at his camp, but also brings about his own downfall.

Nathan M (fr) wrote: A pretty strong portrayal of mid life and a life falling apart, featuring strong performances from all involved. The story is one you've seen multiple times, but its delivered in such a captivating and fascinating way that it's enjoyable. The slow building tension and seduction is due to director Drake Doremus' strong and focused direction. I also enjoyed the sub plot of how an affair affects the daughter of the couple.

Michael W (ru) wrote: So bad it's good. "Herc! Herc!" -Pretzie

Steve S (ag) wrote: The story and subject is strictly routine. The delivery, however, is better than expected with some decent cinematography and better than average characters.