Kabaddi Once Again

Kabaddi Once Again

A naive Kabaddi player vows to clean up the game when he discovers how it has been infiltrated by criminal elements.

A naive Kabaddi player vows to clean up the game when he discovers how it has been infiltrated by criminal elements. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dmitry V (ag) wrote: This movie is a total waste of time.

Florian S (kr) wrote: From the filmmakers of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" | Til Schweiger - Moritz Bleibtreu - Luna Schweiger

Ricky M (br) wrote: A film from the poor mans Hammer studio that was Tigon productions. Tony Tenser its owner said only sex and horror pictures make money and he tries to combine the two here with mixed results. The story follows two sisters palyed by real life siblings Ann and Vicki 'allo allo' Michelle as they move to London, become models and get embroiled with a coven of witches. This ticks all the right exploitation boxes, the sisters are barely dressed for most of its running time, indeed you hardly even notice after a while, and also some pretty decent ritual scenes. Lots of cliched characters and ropey acting which I kinda like and is par for the course in these things. Music is pretty good but a song in the middle of the film is out of place. This isn't a bad film it just isn't paticuralrly brilliant either. Its pace slows somewhat drastically in the middle and there is a little padding. Also its plot and the motivations of the characters are somewhat confusing. The ending had me somewhat bemused and its horror elements aren't in the least scary. However there are plenty of aspects to like, most due to the period it was shot in, early 70's. Apparently disowned by both Ann and Vicki which is a shame as this is a reasonable entry into 70's brit exploitation flicks. Its no classic but has its moments.

Leslie20 G (mx) wrote: A perfect movie: cast, Blythe Danner, superb, theme, outstanding. I've watched multiple times, each time shows more depth and nuances. It's about life.

Sarah C (es) wrote: Yeah, I'd like some cheese with that ham please ... uber thesps Grant and Sands have lots of fun (maybe) with some terrible dialogue and the use of Scottish accents to demonstrate they really come from the olden days. There are some awesomely crude animated special effects, which add to the 80s nostalgia. The whole package is rounded off with an appearance by queen of cult herself, Mary Woronov. Really not worth four stars but it's excellent fun (in a bad way) and I have very fond memories of watching this in the cinema when it first came out.

Justin B (ag) wrote: T&A treated like an episode of Scooby Doo. This horrific misfire of a film fails because it doesn't know what it wants to be nor does it make any attempt of make up its mind.

Matt C (ca) wrote: A very well executed and disturbing anthology about the holidays. Extremely unique to each holiday. Some of the films leave you wanting more story, but that is my only complaint. Overall a good film.