Kabe atsuki heya

Kabe atsuki heya

From the Criterion Collection: "Among the first Japanese films to deal directly with the scars of World War II, this drama about a group of rank-and-file Japanese soldiers jailed for crimes...

A group of rank-and-file Japanese soldiers are jailed for crimes against humanity, themselves victims of a nation refusing to bear its burdens as a whole. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nahid M (au) wrote: A great film in all respect

(kr) wrote: The last day on mars is a film with little worth of anything, other than a vehice for Liev Schreiber. Its not intelligent, well acted or anything of the sort. But I dont think its AS bad as everyone is saying. The visuals were good, I guess, and the story at least doesnt attempt to be intelligent. Yes its clichd and frankly preposterous as a space/mars/virus movie. But I always find fun in these films for the thrill of who's going to die next. I dont really like this film though because its forgettable yet not altogether unwatchable

MARS D (au) wrote: Vash and Co. return for a new original Trigun tale which plays like an extended episode but still delivers the old action-comedy-Western mash-up goodness with brilliant modern animation.

Paul M (it) wrote: No likable characters, portrayed Indian people fairly poorly, and a fairly weak storyline. The footage was disappointing as I was hoping for at least more of a scenic movie. The comedy was pretty cheesy too. It just leaves you feeling pretty unfulfilled at the end.

Nick S (ru) wrote: Not a bad film, good performances from Bill Nighy, but takes too much of a surreal turn later on.

Pietro T (ru) wrote: Formulaic long shot dreaming bounding with its fair share of montages and inspirational speeches that stay true to the triteness. Nothing spells ?fraud? like an underdog story that should dare to dream for the bittersweet instead of ringing false.

Terri H (br) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Aaron G (fr) wrote: I have to admit I'm too stupid for this movie. I genuinely had no clue what was going on. And unfortunately, in the film business, the customer is always right - even stupid customers like me.

Jareth S (de) wrote: This bit of insanity is my favorite Stephen Chow comedy (even over Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle and some of his older classics). It's like the Iron Chef on crack! I showed this at a convention years ago and it packed the room. For some reason, this wonderfully over-the-top comedy is now OOP on legit dvd. Eighteen Bronzemen of Shaolin and the secret of folding chair! Yes, the comedy is often incredibly stupid and childish, but it's still hilarious.

Jennifer T (fr) wrote: I didn't dig it. Nah. Not one of my favorite Warren Beatty films.

Antti Q (jp) wrote: A movie done over 50 years ago taking place 30 to 50 years before that but still could be easily placed to this day, a century later. The director called it a "hymn to life" and it's about love, a polyamorous triangle of sorts between two best friends and a woman who enters their life, about the basic human emotions in relationships not constrained by cultural norms.

Melissa H (gb) wrote: I adore Sophia Loren. She is the most beautiful woman and has such talent! She is a force in this film! Sad plot tho :(

Raymond J (br) wrote: Action, Humor, and Romance - what more can you ask?