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Mike C (jp) wrote: Some interesting questions raised but the production value is not all that great, thus the 6/10 rating. Saw this previewed on another DVD and immediately put it at the top of my netflix list. The subject is the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina - more specifically, what about the animals left behind?I'm rarely split 50/50 on anything. Right or not, I just have lots of opinions. The preview skewed me one way. Hearing the actual stories, I'm kind of undecided. Kind of. Many pet owners affected by Katrina were just like many pet owners elsewhere: assholes. By now you should know I like animals more than I like people, and I hate pet owners that just have an animal to have it. Some of the rescuers say that thousands of animals were better off basically dying in Katrina to escape the horrible lives they lived before.On the other hand, some people really loved their pets. They had to leave them behind either because pets were rarely allowed elsewhere, or in the instance of one elderly woman, because the National Guard threatened to take her against her will when she said she would not leave her dog. Either way, as residents were not allowed back into the city, people began to rescue tens of thousands of pets left behind.This docu chronicles a few of these stories: the above mentioned elderly woman and a few more. It's a complicated situation. Tens of thousands of pets rescued and with no where to go. Most owners will never come forward. Instead of euthanizing the animals, the agencies adopt them out. Months or years later, the original owner may find out and try to get the animal back. What happens then?The case can be made that some animals live in better homes than they did before Katrina, even when the owners loved the animals. But it just doesn't seem right for a family with everything to take what may be the only thing left for someone after Katrina. In a few instances in the film, people do return the animals. Others do not. In perhaps the worst case, the agency never even lets the adoptive family know the owner is looking. They never get the chance to make a choice. It's an interesting subplot to the debacle that was the handling of Katrina. I'm not sure there are better solutions. Something that big and destructive is just bound to leave all kinds of shit behind for year.

Dane P (ca) wrote: Really innocent childrens movie that teeters on Tideland weirdness. The story is a mess and the choices are just SUPER strange. For some reason everybody in the world hates "Horrid Henry" when he does absolutely nothing, all he does is forget his homework and then theres people trying to kill him... They really over do the creepiness factor with over acting. But you know.... its fine for kids, innocent forgettable fluff. The BEST THING to come out of this movie is.... I'll never look at that "In Bruges" child death scene seriously ever again (as its the same actor as Horrid Henry)

Alonso A (es) wrote: I mean, I'm all in for disturbing movies, even if they make you feel like shit. My problem with this film has nothing to do with that. In technical aspects, cinematography and direction, this is actually pretty well shot, but what was an intriguing premise, goes to hell when the director just goes for a full on cartoon of shock-value. I mean, the latter part of the movie is so overblown and over the top, that it becomes self-parody, something that doesn't seem intentional at all, considering the "political undertones" the director has said the film aims for (which are so grossly heavyhanded its comedic). Overall, A Serbian Film is a well shot film with an interesting premise that ends up being swallowed by the excesses. (Just imagine that ending in a movie with some actual emotional resonance, it would have been the pinnacle of nihilism, but instead we get a cartoony self-parody that tries way too hard to be shocking).

Dustin G (ag) wrote: More an examination on certain people pushing 100 or more than any actual helpful tips (that aren't obvious) on living that long. It's not overly exciting filmmaking but presents us with a handful of interesting people. Most notably a man in England who smokes, drinks and gets angry often and is over 100 but still runs marathons and looks as though he's 30 years younger.

James R (de) wrote: Hmm another movie that should have had a lot of potential. Tons of big name actors but a very unoriginal story. The first half is decent then the second half just gets nuts and doesn't make a lot of sense. I'm surprised Anthony Hopkins who is brilliant like usual would do a film like this...I'd say skip it unless your bored beyond relief.

GymNetic27 (fr) wrote: Great gay xmas comedy that is a must see for the season. It's about a guy who wants Santa to bring him love but what he doesn't realize is that its right in front of him.. Very funny movie for the gay man out there to see.....

Alberto C (br) wrote: A Really beautiful work, to me, Forrest Gump is a representation that everyone is equal and the film tells it in a different way. really recommend it.

Ville H (au) wrote: Olipa huono. Ei milln tasolla hauska. Surkeat nyttelijt ja hitto surkea juoni.

Jessi t (nl) wrote: This thing gets three stars for pure camp-appeal. With a name like that how can you go wrong?

Spencer R (us) wrote: One thing about Altman. Whenever you see one of his films, you are going to be seeing something unlike anything you have ever seen before. Even if you have seen an Altman film none of his films are like any other film he has done, at least in subject. He is one of the true Auteurs of American Cinema and his movies are always very atmospheric, creating an extremely authentic environment in which his characters live. The actors are great in this manner. Or it might just be the brilliance of Altman's directing. Whatever it is the actors always seem like they aren't acting, but that their characters are truly who they are, and that they have been living in this Altman world since they were born. That is one of the things I absolutely love about Altman. But this takes precedence over anything else in his movies. They are environments rather than entertainments. This is not to say that his movies aren't entertaining. It's just that, like some of the best things in life, Altman is very much an acquired taste. I saw this today with people who have not quite acquired the appreciation for the absolute brilliance each film by Robert Altman is. They didn't like the ending. Just like McCabe and Mrs. Miller, The Long Goodbye and many other films Robert Altman has directed, the ending was in ways kind of abrupt and not completely satisfying. But this comes back to the movie being more of an environment than entertainment. We enter this world not knowing much about the people who inhabit it. We get to know them, live with them. We build a general sympathy for them. And because we are just visiting this world they live in, we can't ask for nice resolutions at the end like a usual movie would give us. We must leave them and let them figure those things out for themselves, by themselves, with out us seeing it happen. And this is hard for a movie goer not used to the ways of Altman. It is difficult to leave these characters that we care so much about, after we go through a series of events with them and then what seemed to be the whole plot of the movie was indeed only leading up to something we did not foresee and then we must leave them. We want to stay with these characters longer so that we can be part of their experiences and see what happens next because we are now very invested in their lives. But to be able to create such an investment requires the audience to be absorbed into the movie, and especially the characters, and this requires tremendous filmmaking, like only Robert Altman could give us. This was a great experience. I am turning into a huge Altman fan.

Samantha H (au) wrote: WOAH. Jack Lemmon playing a dirty old man... I am so shocked. He's normally the sweet, thoughtful kind, and here he's so obviously NOT that guy. I can't even begin to explain how weird it was to watch him in this role... (It was like me watching Cary Grant in 'That Touch of Mink'). The movie certainly isn't one I'll be watching ever again (caught it on TCM) and, well...

Sean D (jp) wrote: For my review of this, "In Which We Serve," and "Blithe Spirit," check out my review of "Blithe Spirit" :)

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Michael M (jp) wrote: I'm still wondering what our fascination was with Pauly Shore from 1992-1995, but it all started here. Mild comedy at best that really hasn't aged well.

Jay C (ag) wrote: 1/42015-6-3 1/4 1/2

John C (us) wrote: This very short and tight film ironically takes its time setting up all of its characters' motivations before we even see the big fight, so that we're that much more invested in the payoff when it comes.

J M (jp) wrote: Charming romance movie, that talks about of one of the most talked themes od these days.