Kabul Express

Kabul Express

Five people - two Indian journalists, an American journalist, an Afghan guide and a Pakistani soldier who takes them all hostage - are taken on a 48-hour journey into Afghanistan in a jeep called the Kabul Express, a special and unlikely bond developing between them along the way.

The attention of the world is focused, after the terrorist attacks in U.S.A. of 11Sep01, on Afghanistan - a country that has been torn by war for the last 23 years, and has had no media ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shantia C (fr) wrote: If any one is in the mood for an enlightening documentary...

Sooty M (es) wrote: Hitch meets his match in Douglas Wilson, a precedent for the theistic side of the god debate. Unlike most of Hitchens' opponents, Wilson seems to acknowledge circularity in the traditional faith argument and even manages to rather effectively question Hitchens' presumptions about logic and reason. He is a refreshing change in the Hitchens vs. Theist debating landscape and it is not surprising that Hitchens has willingly and even respectfully, collaborated with him on this documentary.

Richard L (nl) wrote: Funny creature feature. The twist: to stay alive, the townspeople have to get really drunk because the aliens are allergic to the alcohol in their blood. Really funny moments, including a "is it dead?" scene that had me laughing out loud.

Dax S (jp) wrote: Not a good representation.

Laura L (ca) wrote: Charming, amusing and a great teen watch, this one always has me coming back, perhaps for nostalgia's sakes. (Despite my not being a teen anymore)

emma (au) wrote: it was ok. quite scary at times.and some really funny lines :):)

Stephen R (br) wrote: Good time, awesome action and the plot is face paced enough to not get bored with the dialogue. It knows what it does well and it sticks to it. Really solid film, I enjoyed it a bunch. I'd suggest giving it a try through the first half hour or so, by then you'll know if it's for you or not.

Areeque T (ag) wrote: Not the best what's-out-there alien thriller, but a good one. Vin Diesel's signature low humming voice adds to the atmosphere. You learn a little bit about Riddick's background, but it's not about him. Just a short chapter in his journey through space. The mystery around Riddick is well maintained.

Michael H (ag) wrote: The cinema by Newton Thomas Sigel is perhaps the most interesting quality; it blends nice desert scenery with unconventional angles and quasi-surrealism. But there's still the issue of credibility. When the conflict in the Persian Gulf is symbolized by Ice Cube throwing a bomb-fitted Nerf football at a helicopter, that's where I stop believing. It's not a bad film from a technical standpoint. I guess I just don't approve of the concept.

Robert R (mx) wrote: Suffering heavily from an overall lack of chemistry and believability between its two leads, "Conspiracy Theory" also just barely lugs a hefty amount of predictability and iffy writing across the finish line.

Michael Y (jp) wrote: Yet another independent, Canadian classic. Pin dives into a strong point in psychological thriller, and with good directing and terrific performances, Pin is a unique movie and a must see. Leon and Ursula are brother and sister in a very strict household. But their father, a doctor, has a lighter side to him because of Pin, a medical dummy which the father uses ventriloquism to make it seem like Pin is alive. Ursula knows fast that Pin can't really talk, but Leon never does, even when he becomes an adult. Pin is a great Freudian psychological thriller with interesting character developments. We see through the movie how Leon's and Ursula's upbringing and society shapes their attitude and decisions. Leon becomes antisocial and sexually repressed where Ursula becomes the exact opposite. And through the whole movie we can clearly see why they act the way they do, and that comes from a position of truely great acting. David Hewlett and Cyndy Preston really do an incredible job. Their acting is flawless and their tone and facial expressions leave us to wonder what they're thinking. They don't even have to say their lines for us to know what they're thinking. At times the movie tries to stretch itself to be more of a horror movie, but really this movie isn't that far of a realitic stretch. Pin isn't a movie full of blood and twists, it is a thorough examination of 2 characters that is realistically desturbing. Not even this movie's low budget can stop it from looking great. Most of the movie takes place in a really big house, full of expensive materials, furnature covered in plastic, and everything always looks clean. It's a one horse town that this movie takes place in, so other locations aren't stunning, but they look great none the less. This movie has very effective directing, capturing moments wonderfully in suspence. We know Leon is crazy, and the moments when people find out he is are really well presented. That's what is so good about this movie, it focuses on the reactions of the characters than stuffing the movie with the thrilling actions. And other creepy moments are accompanied with good sound effects and a creepy music score. A personal favourite thriller of mine. Pin is creepy on the most thoughtful level. It is a special movie that doesn't need any gimmicks or gore to be horrifying. Pin is a great psychological thriller that is even accomplished without a big budget of big actors. Canada keeps on proving that they know how to make good horror movies.

AD V (ag) wrote: How the hell I missed this in the 80's I'll never know or forgive myself for. This is old school action-drama when it was done right with excellent performances from Nolte, Powers Booth and Clancey Brown.

Connie H (gb) wrote: Not my favorite Gene Wilder movie but it was still funny. Dom DeLuise made a lovely lady. I like how Gilda's character Vicki let the other woman know that Larry (Gene's character) was her's so BACK OFF.

Ransom P (br) wrote: Outrageously funny. Never get tired of it

Grant H (ru) wrote: Great movie. Though the plot gets a little muddled by the end, the rest of the film is its saving grace, thanks to an intriguing yet simple premise featuring stunning visual effects and direction, a surreal soundtrack and fantastic performances from its cast, especially Hurt.

Jack G (nl) wrote: Clint reminds me of my dad, I like all his stuff

Joe W (br) wrote: Hell of a film with spot-on performances by Butler & Fox!

Nicole T (us) wrote: Not the movie I thought it was and boring to boot.

Rafael L (gb) wrote: A noir focused on the wrong details, has horrible pacing, cut-out characters and a cheap mystery.