Kabuli kid

Kabuli kid

A woman in a light blue chadri abandons her infant in the backseat of a cab in the bustling streets of post-war Kabul.

Kabul - a city struggling to recover from 25 years of warfare. Taxi driver Khaled picks up a woman and baby. Her face is hidden behind a blue burka. They settle on a price, she pays him and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kabuli kid torrent reviews

Rupal O (es) wrote: Confused desi Romance

Kim B (mx) wrote: Embarrassing parents, unrequited love, family games of monopoly .Great coming of age no movie iPads, phones, email very refreshing.

Zoe L (fr) wrote: Quite a touching 'horror' movie (in fact, it's about family). The kid is cute.

RiP M (gb) wrote: Home movie with a tinkly piano soundtrack and full of meaningless silences. Paris looks pretty and so does Juliette Binoche, but that's about it. A bore.

Stephanie G (ag) wrote: Avait du potentiel tre meilleur. Assez ordinaire.

ricky m (kr) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Yinal R (ru) wrote: Absolutely love eddy murphy in these films

Kay M (us) wrote: SPOILERS**I can't understand why people can't grasp the complexity and beauty of this film. And still there are those who don't understand the story line, David is gay, he can't be with his lover, he has his lover help him get rid of his wife so they can be together... it's so simple yet so complex. And all the more fun when you watch it again and see all those hints towards the ending. I must just say, bravo to the director and cinematographer.This is not one for the shallow minded, it's a thinking film!

Recaldo N (au) wrote: dis waz horrible de first 2 were betta

John B (mx) wrote: Eddie Murphy promised great things with this early attempt at a serious film. He was so serious that he invited comedy legends Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx to join him. They could have used humour to relieve some of the boredom.

Alan V (nl) wrote: Seems like, if you're trying to protect a virgin from a virgin-eating dragon, there's a much easier solution than to go after the dragon.

Matthew B (ru) wrote: Meh. Kinda boring actually. The end was the only humorous part; the very very end.

Connor D (au) wrote: Fun film by Mike Nichols. "Working Girl" mixes comedy, drama, and romance perfectly and makes for a heartfelt, funny film starring Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver, and Harrison Ford. 8/10

D M (gb) wrote: A serial killer is caught after killing the family of the lead detective on his case. Sent to the electric chair, he returns from the dead by travelling through TV sets in order to further torment the remaining members of that family as well as kill others. I had bought this sound track 20 years ago because of the presence of a Megadeth song, but not watched it until now. Not as good as the similarly-themed "Horror Show" from the same year.