A wrongdoer is caught red-handed and he is not going to forgive the man who exposed him.

A wrongdoer is caught red-handed and he is not going to forgive the man who exposed him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kathy S (au) wrote: my little pony eg is a good follow on but does has its faults just like any film would the mane thing it lakes is ponies

Stephen H (de) wrote: reserve judgment until viewed?

Andrey B (kr) wrote: An acting tour de force of Charlize Theron, true actress. One of those movies that you really like to rewatch eventually.

Cameron L (kr) wrote: Jane Fonda's narration almost destroys this film, but i'm a sucker for Sam Rockwell.

SV G (ru) wrote: Screenplay by David Duchovny - starring in and directed by. A good & interesting story - not quite believable - but has a sort of a Once Upon a Time feel to it. I love Robin Williams, but merely liked him in this one..his character seemed never completely developed. Over all though I did enjoy. Erykah Badu's role in this was the most interesting even if it was not a large one. She did a great job.

Jack H (ag) wrote: The plot is too confusing for it's own good and the characters are all a bit too similar, but you cant deny Ritchies energetic, music video like direction and witty banter between the characters makes for solid, brash entertainment.

Alexander The Privateer b (mx) wrote: why it had an 18 rating is beyond me. but burrowing ninja are worth 2 stars alone!

Andrew G (us) wrote: The beginning is good hillbilly fun, the end shootout is awesome, but the middle is all over the place and sluggish.

Alison J (nl) wrote: I remember this as misogynistic and condescending (towards Hedren's character.)

John R (es) wrote: 160703: This film was pure pleasure. When I read the synopsis on Flixster I had to see it. The description didn't seem possible from a 1960s film. Glad I took the time. A Confederate veteran, Mitch Garrett (Alan Ladd) loses the love of his life when he attempts to find medical help for his pregnant wife in a small town. Being mistreated by a hotel owner, then stalled by a storeowner and sheriff, all over $1.87 for medicine; Garrett's wife and unborn child die at the hands of the local doctor. To clear their conscience for not trusting him, the town offers Garrett multiple jobs one of which is deputy sheriff. Taking the deputy position, Garrett prepares to extract revenge against the whole town for their perceived sins. As part of his plan, Garrett enlists the aid of "the tired of living"; an alcoholic civil war veteran, Dan Keats (Don Murray), who possesses artistic skills and knowledge in making "liquid fire"; a gunfighter and fast draw contest winner, Stu Christian (Barry Coe); an English pickpocket, Sir Harry Ivers (Dan O'Herlihy); and a beautiful prostitute, Julie Reynolds (Dolores Michaels). What a fabulous, and surprising, cast for 1960. Based upon his demeanor and physical characteristics, I would never have expected the chubby cheeked Ladd to be the main star in this film. He does not fit the profile of such an angry person but perhaps that was the reason for his selection? As soon as you meet Dan Keats, you question Garrett's decision making. Can the whiskey slinger be trusted? I was intrigued by the fact Keats earns money for his addiction by drawing pictures for people. This skill comes into play later in the film further developing an already unique character. The Shootist, Stu Christian, is introduced at a quick draw contest reminiscent of The Quick and the Dead (1995). You have to believe the writer's of that film drew some inspiration from One Foot in Hell including the fact that anyone caught cheating would be shot down. And Sir Harry and Julie? Sir Harry, though quiet, fits right in and I was disappointed not to see him go. And Julie, well, you'll have to watch the film to find out. You won't be disappointed. The use of anti-heroes in 1960 was way ahead of its time. Add in treachery, multiple cold-blooded murders and a fantastic explosion (I have never seen so many cows jump at the same time) and you have a film worthy of a modern remake. Please, let it be done in my lifetime.

Sylvester E (fr) wrote: Believe me...You guys will love this film. It has a great cast and the storyline is solid as a rock. It will have you laughing from start to finish...Enjoy!!!

Ryan J (mx) wrote: 2 brothers steal their uncles cabin keys and take some friends away for the weekend, go biking, take videos for youtube, have some fun, but they hit something on the way there and it's dark and they think it could just be a deer or other animal but they have pissed off something larger, something previously thought to be an old wives tale, a sasquatch. This film could have been dumb fun but they have made it a very serious film, the main characters are quite unlikable. You want there to be some major sasquatch ass kicking, some gory deaths, just want some major brutality but it takes it's time doing anything and by the time the big reveal occurs and shit starts hitting the fan it's too boring to care. I wanted to enjoy this film, I loved Sanchez's last film Lovely Molly, this is a major let down, instantly forgettable. The hand held, found footage genre still does churn out the odd gem but sadly, this is no gem.

Karen H (mx) wrote: 2015-08-31 so sad and difficult for both of us, but too good to stop watching.

Thomas P (kr) wrote: Cute, but that's it. It has not aged well, but was a huge fave when I saw it in the theatre as a kid.Simple and not emotionally involving, this worked in the 70s bc we only had a few broadcast stations on tv and no vcr - we had to go too the movie theatre!No redbox, no dvd, and no vhs tapes.With such sophisticated kids movies, this gets lost in the shuffle.The only kids movie from my youth that was simple and still rings true emotionally was the original Where The Red Fern Grows.Leave this one at the library.I wish I did..lol2.5 out of 5