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Kadambari torrent reviews

Brad S (nl) wrote: I quite liked this documentary, but I'm a fan. It tells his whole story, with a lot of focus on his origins which i wasn't really aware of. There's lots of interesting pictures and footage I hadn't seen before. Interesting to be reminded that his show in Toronto where he threw the chicken into the audience was really the moment where he became a superstar. The only thing I wish is that it showed the current interviews, rather than just voiceovers. It was also interesting to learn that for a while he was best friends with Bernie Taupin, Elton John's writing partner. Check it out!

Michael M (nl) wrote: Pretty solid revenge thriller with a fair amount of strong bloody violence. A bunch of no name actors and a director I've never heard of but that doesn't always matter.

Carlos P (nl) wrote: Dursima pelcula pero hermosa. Lo nico que necesita, que exige el hombre es una sonrisa, es el amor. Responsabilidad de los padres, se necesitan guas, repite incansablemente el profesor Barthes (Brody). Una nueva obra del existencialismo (de hecho empieza con una gran frase de A. Camus). Pasar de la indiferencia y de la estupidez aceptada tcitamente, al inters por el otro que es lo nico que realmente importa, no slo por l sino tambin por uno mismo.

Arika A (de) wrote: profound movie...should be up for quite a few awards.

Jessica H (au) wrote: gruesome with little to no horror

Mark G (ag) wrote: Get over yourself, lady.

Zoran S (de) wrote: Rare is the American independent film that has anything meaningful or observant to say about relationships. And so I was pleasantly surprised to see that LOL had more in common with the spirit of the films of John Cassavetes and his observant dissections of relationships instead of the drivel of the aforementioned films. No, I am not suggesting that Joe Swanberg is a filmmaker of Cassavetes's caliber. Rather, what I saying is that in LOL, Swanberg mainly limits himself to presenting a series of emotionally complicated and observant scenes about relationships. In other words, instead of a detailed plot, the film is content to drift through a series of scenes that aim simply to obverse.In particular, Swanberg observes how men of a certain generation (in their late 20's and early 30's) use technology as an escape from engaging with their relationships. While this is not a terribly original insight, it does produce some wonderful, funny, and sad scenes: the awkwardness of phone sex, preferring to surf the internet to watching your girlfriend undress and change in front of you, and in general the obsessive need to check your email rather than engaging with the people around you. I found myself laughing at many of these scenes early in the film, but became distraught by them eventually as the characters merely repeated their awkwardness and obsessions. Most people, I imagine, would be bored by the film's repetitions and moreover its rather "cheap" looking digital video aesthetic. However, I felt that the look of the film was appropriate for the subject matter. Most scenes are shot in awkwardly framed close-ups without clear establishing shots beforehand. The effect is to produce a form of abstract intimacy (or paradoxically a "distant" intimacy) with the characters in the film. Somehow this mirrors the relationships in the film: the men and women in the film, in other words, who are in intimate relationships and are also totally distant from one and another. LOL is no masterpiece to be sure. In fact, I hated certain parts with a passion. The footage of people making funny noises seems more appropriate to the crappy world of Miranda July instead of the rest of the film. Still, the film has an emotional complexity and intelligence to it that is lacking in most recent American independent cinema.

Hytham E (jp) wrote: In terms of movie-making, there's nothing like it.,

Bradley K (ca) wrote: Formal brilliance and powerful performances but not a very satisfying viewing.

Carrie B (it) wrote: Good lord. If you didn't like the book why make a movie out of it?

IVRt (ru) wrote: Dam.. now killers are going after housewifes.. dam!

Facebook U (it) wrote: Far too intelligent for the average viewer or critic.

Becky R (kr) wrote: Love Vivian Leigh. Love Lawrence Olivier. Love period piece films.

Grant G (it) wrote: Full Of Genuine Laughs!

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