An Indian Kannada crime film directed by Suri and produced by M. Chandru. The story revolves around Kaddipudi, a rowdy sheeter who yearns for a peaceful life. But politicians like Renukaji, his son Gaali and Shankarappa use him as a pawn for their selfish ends and don't allow him to lead a normal life. The hero becomes the reason for the incidents that occur in Uma's life.

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Wes S (ca) wrote: It's a better Mega Shark movie, but it's still isn't good or entertaining. The animation is better than the average Asylum flick, the story hangs together for the most part, though it doesn't get much anywhere. The movie mostly meh at best. Fight scenes were fun though.

Monet J (ag) wrote: You gotta love the wannabe lifetime movies. This was awful.

MariePier D (kr) wrote: I didn't scream, I don't feel like watching it over and over again but it's a Xmas movie, so... It's cute and well... Nicholas Brendon. I love him!

anthony b (de) wrote: The Last Seven can only be described as 28 days later meets shite! Imran Naqvi must have thought he was making a smart intriguing post apocalyptic thriller but the actual result is an overly pretentious snooze fest. I should have trusted my better judgement and switched this one off after the first ten minutues which consisted of Simon Phillips roaming around a deserted London looking for remaining survivors after the proposed "apocalypse" without any dialouge or music to be heard, somehow I don't think this opening had the desired effect as I was presented with no atmosphere or tension but only a desire to snooze! After sticking with it until the true star of the show the ever-dependable Tammer Hassan showed up on screen I was momently relieved only to soon realise he would be just another underdeveloped character in a movie full of them. Luckily "Last Seven" clocks in at only eighty minutes which is an absolute godsend but.... the ending of the movie may just be the worst few minutes of the whole thing as we are presented with a bloody awful M. Night Shyamalan style twist ending which solidifys this movie's status as a steaming turd!

SiewFong98hotmailcom S (gb) wrote: Well........for me this movie is super super great~ and i love BODYGUARD movie very much..LAWLs...

John N (kr) wrote: Ahhhh Mila! And it was funny.

Spencer S (jp) wrote: "Transamerica" is really the first film to truly focus on the journey of a transsexual, while also dealing with a complex story filled with interesting characters, and on top of that using a frame narrative of a road trip. The transformation made by the main character not only remains inspiring for the audience, but was also bittersweet when watching the stagnant life built around Bree (Huffman) and what becomes of her in the end of the film. The characters are also varied and complicated, from her therapist to her biological son (Zegers), who she road trips with from New York to Los Angeles. Bree is a pre-op transsexual who has just found out she has a son by the one girl she had sex with before starting her transformation into a man. Her son lives a life as a recluse and drug addict in New York City, prostituting himself and dreaming of a day that he can go live with his real father out in Hollywood. Abused and worse for wear Toby (Zegers) meets Bree, who works under the guise of a church patron in order to get Toby to go with her and find him a home before her therapist will sign off for the surgery. Bree finds herself really living for the first time since her journey began, and by the end she has found something out about herself, as well as found herself able to understand what it is to be a parent and love another person with abject affection. Felicity Huffman, in the title role, gives one of the most inspired performances of the decade, and really delves into the world of transsexuality, as well as educates through example. Bree is a strong, suitable character for those who want guidance. Besides this being a prime example of an iconoclastic LGBTQ character, Bree is also a remarkably flawed and interesting character. The entire film works as both an intense voyage into the relationship between an estranged father and son, as well as a coming of age story, as well as a story about the surgery of a transsexual. It's a rich story that explores a lot of great themes and has a diverse roster of characters, so it's enjoyable as well as introspective, which makes it a great film regardless.

Christi T (jp) wrote: This is a great movie. I can't believe so many gave it rotten Tomatoes. I loved the horses and the love scenes. . . and Olof's struggles were quite moving. Erik might be the reason people didn't like it. He was a lousy friend.

Linda J (gb) wrote: Okay, not a blockbuster, but this movie had some great bits by Amanda Plummer and I liked Frankie Faison's "Eagle Man" and Mick Jagger's "one Mississippi, two Mississippi Vacendak, too. Who knew Jagger could act at all? I'm a big fan of sci-fi and although the concept was over the top, it was interesting. What an afterlife, eh?Emilio Estevez was his usual, good-looking entertaining self. Overall, I thought the movie was a good ride.

Phillip D (ca) wrote: One of the all time classic coming of age tales carried by a fantastic performance from Robin Williams, who launched himself to pop culture visibility with this film.

Samantha S (de) wrote: What a fun and sweet movie. In the 70s when things were mostly innocent. One sad bit about a homeless boy and the rest of it is charming. My favorite bit: the little snot who refuses to leave her bedraggled, bunny-purse at home when her parents are ready to go to Sunday lunch, and is ordered to stay home alone for her disobediance. She picks up a megaphone and announces her plight to the neighbors, who are mortified and send up baskets of food out of concern. The brat gorges herself contentedly while realizing how her parents will react when they come home - her father is the Chief of Police! Must see!

Dyron W (ca) wrote: A cheesy and fun all star disaster movie.

Paul D (br) wrote: Simple enough revenge western, but with star value. It's a little odd to see Christopher Lee in this genre, but his supporting role just about works for him.

Drew M (es) wrote: I admire this film for Godard's playfulness with 2-d art (Batman comics included), but I'm not sure if it completely works as a cinematic manefesto. I admire it's complex view of Marxism, but it doesn't make for the most interesting cinematic material. Godard tries to make it visually interesting, and I give him props for trying, but just like I Heart Huckabees was a failure for its over-reliance on the lecture, this is too.

David G (us) wrote: I remember this coming out in 1993 and can't believe it's taken me until 2016 to watch it. A thoroughly enjoyable movie and more than just another martial arts flick. Yes, all of that high kicking and punching is there, but the theme of race is also discussed throughout too. A little more emphasis on the Green Hornet days would have made it better for meJason Scott Lee and Lauren Holly play Bruce and Linda superbly.

Melissa (ca) wrote: Elvis at his funniest. Love When He sings angel. Never kissed an Angel. Love that song

alex g (jp) wrote: A great action film which in first person works well.Lots and lots of action a must see.