Kafoo: Waiting for Happiness

Kafoo: Waiting for Happiness


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Kafoo: Waiting for Happiness torrent reviews

John M (us) wrote: I'll start off by saying I've seen a lot of movies in my day. Its so hard for a film to impress me anymore, especially a big action flick. I went into this film not knowing anything about it and not expecting much. I thought it was a big Hollywood film, but turns out, I just now saw that it was put out by an indie film company. So, after the first 10 minutes, i knew this was something special. Its a futuristic sci fi film but its also very human. Hmmm, what other film can I mention that has those same elements, Bladerunner. Looper is a great film and I hope it gets what it deserves, lots of accolades and awards. I don't think mainstream America will like this film. I think most people will go into it thinking time travel, blood, and Bruce Willis, this is going to be an over the top Michael Bay type film. But, to their dismay, it actually has some real human elements to it and real relationships between people. As critics have said, this is about the story, not the action. I give this 5 out of 5 stars, 99%, whatever, Its just a real winner. I want to see it again, and I haven't said that much lately.

Jennifer H (jp) wrote: Great movie. I love it!

Bill B (de) wrote: Easily one of the first films that comes to mind when I'm asked about a favorite horror film, this one has the honor of scaring the shit out of me from an early age, and I'm happy to say that it's still got some chilling moments all these years later.Recommended.

Samantha B (ag) wrote: The movie is alright, and I love SMG!

Teemu K (ru) wrote: Jahas, olipa huono. Jos vaimo tietisi mit roskaa olen taas katsonut, voisi tulla jo tutuksi tullut kommentti: "Olisin voinut kertoa sen katsomattakin".

Kyle M (mx) wrote: It deserves to be nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay as this really good drama is an inspiration with power, hearts and cheers and the film also presents great relationships between one and another with progression and connection in on. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

Marco T (gb) wrote: Le solite botte a scuola. Violento e stiloso quanto basta, ma un po' povero di azione. Buono lo studio dei protagonisti, per il resto solo comparse.

Heaven W (mx) wrote: this movie is really good

Dave F (ru) wrote: Much more suited to the stage than the big screen. Excellent acting and an interesting story line. It moves much too slowly for a film and I felt the directing was quite clumsy.

Orlok W (ru) wrote: Rich and fulfilling, a great adaptation of Clavell's masterpiece--Worthy of its Claim as an Epic!!

Jesse K (br) wrote: A gritty, entertaining, unpredictable classic with strong performances, beautiful cinematography and plenty of thrills.

Matt H (gb) wrote: The ultimate in craptastic cinema. Cheesy story, scenery-chewing acting, unbelievable events, AND it stars the lady who played Greedo in Star Wars IV. It don't get no better than this!

Luke B (es) wrote: I'm a fan of the Zatoichi series, and absolutely love Yojimbo and Sanjuro. To see the two come together was a mouthwatering prospect, but I was still concerned. It turns out, I had every reason to be. This isn't a bad film, but it's just too ambitious. The plot is needlessly complex, involving many characters and twists. It becomes confusing and easy to forget that this is a Zatoichi film. He becomes sidelined many times. The complex plot results in a longer running time, which can cause the film to drag. Mifune is a great co-star for Katsu, both of them have a wicked sense of humour and are similar on the inside, but luckily their performances are contrast with each other. It's doubtful that Mifune is playing "the" Yojimbo, but it's still good to see him n familiar surroundings. It's a good watch, especially for fans of Zatoichi or Mifune.

Greg W (it) wrote: ok not really my cup o tea

Sheila K (es) wrote: Wow, this movie was awesomely hilarious. Gamera is cool, there's great quotable lines (such as "Gamera loves all the children!" or "Your statement is honourable")... good entertainment all around :)

Greg W (gb) wrote: another of the UK's 'angry young men' films but with a twist this time it's an angry young woman, the gr8 Rita Tushingham.

Cody Z (jp) wrote: An abysmal adaptation to William Golding's novel with a screwed up script and pointless nonsense that had nothing to do with the original plot. Nowhere near as good as Peter Brook's 1963 film of LOTF.

Angelina C (es) wrote: Just happened to channel surf and caught this movie. It was surprisingly intriguing. An enjoyable horror/thriller

Lance M (it) wrote: Not as bad as the rating lead me to believe. A redundant story but still kept the thrills the entire movie.

Nate J (au) wrote: Absolutely brilliant film, which came at a time when thrillers were incredible (also see The Others and What Lies Beneath.) Great cast and the brilliant return of Robert Downey Jr too, certainly worth a watch.