Kaise Kahoon

Kaise Kahoon


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1964
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Kaise Kahoon torrent reviews

WS W (br) wrote: Fairly intriguing with proper plot twists.

Dan G (ca) wrote: An absolutely fabulous movie. An emotional and dramatic story line. Very suspenseful at times, but a must-see for anyone that loves a GREAT movie.

Katrina R (de) wrote: So this isn't a movie that i would normally go and see, but it was still very interesting.Something different

Chad D (jp) wrote: Morbid, messed up movie (putting it nicely). Hauser plays a former Spec Forces FBI agent undercover for a ruthless criminal he never sees. The movie bounced from present to past often, in an attempt to blur the lines with what Hauser's character was thinking or feeling. Didn't work. The only thing that kept me riveted was finding out who really was the bad guy in the end ... which was a disappointment.

Dusty L (it) wrote: One of the most depressing films ever. But worth a watch.

Joseph J (br) wrote: The first problem with this film is that it was directed by Chris Angel. Actually that's the main problem. This should have never been released.

Joseph S (mx) wrote: An emotional tour-de-force unlike any other film.

Peter P (ag) wrote: I watched 30 minutes of this, was completely bored and stopped watching it. Sad.

Adam S (kr) wrote: Man loses his horse. Man gets his horse back. But I thought it was great!

Stefano C (gb) wrote: La Thailandia conferma una certa affinit con l'horror, portandoci questo "The Victim", sicuramente uno dei migliori rappresentanti del genere visti nell'ultimo periodo. Siamo nei territori classici del filone, ma la pellicola realizzata con classe e freschezza, garantendo almeno un grande colpo di scena ed un paio di salti dalla sedia molto efficaci. Peccato per il finale confuso ed affrettato...

Cecilie B (jp) wrote: A decent little flick starring a young Robert Redford in one of his first film performances as a rather cocky but talented downhill skier who becomes a part of the US team when one of them is being injured. If you're not fed up with snow and winter already, this makes a nice viewing.