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Kakkientruppen torrent reviews

Sean L (es) wrote: Philanthropic deceit

Mad M (nl) wrote: Fun, positive, and uplifting drama, with a touch of romance. Hanks and Mbatha are both charming. The whole tone is delightfully positive.

Simon D (ag) wrote: There is no doubt that this is a film with excellent intentions and is well worth a watch even at nearly 3 hours long. I just wish that the Indians could make some films without all the singing and dancing and zany comedy characters. They always try to fit too much into their films and, for me, it doesn't settle well. It dilutes the strong message a bit.

Yelsew Z (fr) wrote: I really like the plot in The Girl Who leapt Through Time. The many thought provoking motifs and the characters are great. This movie certainly had me wanting to watch again.

Al V (kr) wrote: this is what i wanted for many years!

Frdrick L (de) wrote: Un petit film familial avec d'extraordinaire scenes des Bahamas, de tres belles prises de vues des dauphins et un scenario qui tourne au tour de la recherche, de la difficulte a ce qu'elle soit respectee par les partenaires qui la finance et ont tres souvent tendance a vouloir convertir ces recherches en "vache a lait", beaucoup plus rentable le tourisme il n'y a pas a dire... mais est-ce la seule solution pour ces petites iles paradisiaque de se sortir de la misere pour autant ?Un film quelque peu long, mais la jeune fille nous ferra voir la vie sous un autre angle, disons que nous apprendrons un peu comme elle et son pere a apprivoiser cet univers... mais il est triste que le doublage ne soit pas tres bien fait, que l'histoire reste plutot du deja vue et que l'on se retrouve a voir un film acceptable quand il aurait pu etre vraiment mieux...Par contre juste pour les prises de vues: les merveilleux paysages, les dauphins et l'ambiance qui regne dans ce genre d'endroit cela reste un film a voir sans oublier que l'on peut y voir un rapide survol des habitudes de la population local de ce genre d'endroit c'est interessant a decouvrir... un petit film familial donc.

Jamie M (us) wrote: So cute and nineties! Some surprisingly progressive and compelling elements for its time. Somewhat unlikeable female protagonist.

Eber N (ag) wrote: I love Batman more than any other fictional character, I'm a big fan of the caped crusader and grew up with him, it all started with reruns of TV series Adam West who saw 3 or 4 years Saturday morning with those amazing gadgets, that gallery of colorful villains and big car luxury as the Batmobile, was attracted me that funny masked crusader and his pictorial universe, until Tim Burton movies made me see that the bat Gotham was in actually a tortured and vindictive soul, but the version I frame but the dark knight was the legendary and unsurpassed animated series Bruce Timm 1992 saw the 7 years showed me the definitive Batman: a serious, taciturn detective type it was a work of art and had mature and intelligent scripts, it is an eternal character has been rewritten by artists and writers from around the world, has no power, it is only a human being who uses his strength, his cunning, his will and gadgets to fight against injustice, crime and corruption, fulfilling the promise he made on the grave of his parents the night they were killed by a mugger, the caped crusader is ready to end the slag and justice in Gotham City, there are many great comic characters but Batman is my favorite and that you have more affection of all, I never get tired or fed up with him I have much appreciation.

Gianluca B (ru) wrote: A suo tempo uno dei miei film preferiti; ora un classico. Rivisto oggi non ha perso la sua forza.

Veniea T (it) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Stefan G (gb) wrote: There's a funny thing about these so-called "classic films". It's the kind of film that everyone wants to have seen but nobody wants to see for themselves. In the case of Nosferatu, it's really not as great as the critics would like the casual viewer to believe, and that's primarily due to the silent film itself being an outdated medium, but if you're looking for some artistic fare, you will certainly find it here in this unique adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Set earlier in the past than its literary counterpart, the story takes quite a few different turns, including the idea that the villagers believe the vampire to be some sort of plague, which I found to be a very interesting angle for the character. The film itself conveys a chillingly spooky atmosphere, although I always thought the silence was somewhat jarring. As a horror movie, it's not quite as good as it might have been decades ago, but it's still something of an artistic spectacle, best enjoyed for what it is rather than what it was, and I found it to be a flawed but whimsical cinematic experience.

Spencer D (it) wrote: In the plagued genre of teen movies, 10 Things I Hate About You elevates itself to the standard that others will try (but epically fail) to achieve. It's kind of charming in the fact that it's about these two people who are perceived as dangerous or cold-hearted who fall for each other, but more importantly, it's still entertaining. 8/10

Ryan K (ca) wrote: It went from a really stupid and cheesy first half to asurprisingly fantastic second half that really made this movie way better. The thing is that the first half had a wodden and bland romance that honestly washard to be invested in. But once we got past that the film took a dramatic tone turn that was for the best and madethe movie actually good. I love the second half more than i do the first. It took itself more serious and was actually better and darker.

Lee P (jp) wrote: Burt classic.Even so it's based on stuntmen the stunts are fantastic for this movie.

Austin N (ag) wrote: The way the trucks are by there self awsome

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Not bad sequel. Interesting ideas presented here. Crazy to see how much things have changed in the span of 20 years...

Aaron W (ca) wrote: This is not a great film, but it is dark and moody and worth watching if you are an Eva Green fan. The film is quite sexy in a subtle but taboo sort of way.